New Delhi: It is no secret that former India skipper MS Dhoni is extremely fond of video games, especially PUBG. Time and again, he has been spotted playing PUBG in the past. Now, his wife Sakshi has gone on to spill beans on the CSK skipper’s addiction to the game. She revealed that Dhoni has started sleep talking with PUBG. During a recent conversation with CSK, Sakshi admitted that her husband does it to keep his ever-active mind diverted which she feels is good.

“You know, Mahi’s got a thinking brain, it doesn’t rest. So I think when he plays video games like Call of Duty or be it PUBG or whatever, I think it just helps him divert his mind that’s it and which is a good thing,” Sakshi said.

Sakshi also went on to reveal that PUBG has now encroached the bedroom and Dhoni sleep-talks about PUBG as well.

“I mean, I don’t really get irritated that it’s got to the bedroom and that nowadays PUBG has encroached my bed literally. At times I feel like he’s talking to me and then he’s on the headphones and talking to all the people that are playing. Then he’s sleep-talking also about PUBG nowadays!” she added further.

Dhoni would soon be seen leading CSK in the remaining IPL 2021 games when the now-suspended season resumes. The Chennai franchise has been in good form this year and looks good to progress to the playoffs. The remainder of the season would be played in UAE, a place CSK does not have good memories off.