Mumbai, Maharashtra reach quarterfinals of Buchi Babu tournament

Defending champions Maharashtra will face Baroda in the quarter-final clash of Buchi Babu Memorial tournament AFP

Chennai: Aug 25, 2012

Defending champions Maharashtra and Kerala advanced to the quarterfinals, along with six other state teams, in the All India Buchi Babu Memorial cricket tournament on Saturday.

In the last eight stages two-day matches to be held on Monday after a day’s rest on Sunday, Orissa plays Mumbai, Baroda takes on Maharashtra, Karnataka fights Tamil Nadu and Kerala meets Saurashtra.

The match between Kerala and Gujarat ended without results as rain intervened during tea interval. At that stage Gujarat needed to reach the target in 78.5 overs to qualify for quarterfinals on net run rate but were denied of further play in the match.

As first innings was incomplete both teams were awarded one point each. This ultimately denied a last eight stage berth for Gujarat. Replying to Kerala’s 387 for six in 90 overs, Gujarat were 387 for nine in 79.4 overs.

Brief Scores

Group A: Maharashtra 110 in 49.3 Overs (Ankit Bawne 48, Sudipta Swain 4 for 18, Basant Mohanty 3 for 43) lost to Orissa 112 for four in 37.4 Overs (Rakesh Mohanty 33, Natraj Behera 32, Haldar Das 30 not out).

Group B: Mumbai 366 for nine in 90 Overs (Swapnil Salvi 63, Kaustubh Pawar 60, Siddhesh Lad 46, Nikhil Mandle 54, Swapnil Pradhan 41, Gaurav Jathar 58, J Kaushik 4 for 66) bt TNCA XI 363 in 85.2 Overs (KB Arun Karthick 105, M Kaushik Gandhi 111, B Indrajith 86, Pratik Dabholkar three for 70, Javed Khan two for 64 and Sagar Gorivale two for 62).

Group C: TNCA President’s XI 387 for five in 90 Overs (R Nilesh Subramanian 70, KDinesh Karthik 137 retd hurt, R Prasanna 83, VijayShankar 54, M Prabhu 24 not out) bt Saurashtra 297 for five in 90 Overs (Bhushan Chauhan 25, Sagar Jogiyani 47, Chirag Pathak 61, Jaydev Shah 70, Arpit Vasavada 36 not out and M Mohammed two for 49).

Group C: Assam 244 in 87.5 Overs (Pallav Das 25, J Syed Mohammed 100, WasiqurRahman 37 Gaurav Upadhyay three for 46, Siddesh Neral three for 38) lost to Vidarbha 245 for four in 44.4 Overs (Faiz Fazal 103, Aman Sharma 106).

Group D: Kerala 387 for six in 90 Overs (Abhishek Hegde 107, VA Jagadeesh 39, Sanju Viswanadh 121, Sachin Baby 31, Raiphi Vincent Gomez 29, Robert Fernandez 32 not out, Mehul Patel two for 74) drew with Gujarat 387 for nine in 79.4 Overs (Sameet Gohil 167, Mandeep Juneja 61, Akshar Patel 43, Parthiv Patel 39, Mehul Patel 25 not out, N Niyas three for 55, Raiphi Vincent Gomez two for 67, VA Jagadeesh two for 43).