N Srinivasan © Getty Images
N Srinivasan said that the revenue will be distributed equally between affiliate, associate nations and member nations © Getty Images

Jul 20, 2014


The International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman N Srinivasan on Sunday said that the restructuring of the ICC will benefit the associate nations a lot. Srinivasan expressed his views on a range of issues from drawing spectators to grounds, future


“I think with this tructure will benefit associate nations. They will get a substantially greater revenue now. All the cause related money will be go to them. The top associate will gain a lot. We also have Test fund kept separately so that Test cricket is not ignored  here. In the new structure we want everyone to get equal share of revenue. It will be distributed equally among associate and affiliate nations,” said Srinivasan.


Asked about the scope of three formats and their survival, “All three formats have been successful. But they have not been equally successful in all geographies of the world. It has succeeded in India, UK and in Australia. This is the challenge for ICC,” he added.


Srinivasan further presented his thoughts on the Future Tours Programme which has undergone some change during the restructuring of ICC. “This time under the new dispensation, all nations will have a guaranteed FTP. Every Full Member will play against every Full Member on a eight-year cycle. This is a signed agreement. All the members are assured to receive visitors so that they can sell their rights in advance,” assured Srinivasan.


Speaking about India’s FTP, Srinivasan said, “As far as India is concerned the preference will be on Test cricket, and ODI cricket. Yet there will still be room T20s.”