It was Aditya Verma (above), who took the IPL betting scandal to the Supreme Court leading to BCCI chief N Srinivasan stepping aside from his duties. Photo Courtesy: DNA

New Delhi: Jun 6, 2014 


The unrecognised Cricket Association of Bihar Secretary Aditya Verma called on the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) to bar N Srinivasan from heading the body, saying that allowing him to do so would be in violation of a Supreme Court order.


“…as on date Mr Srinivasan is debarred from functioning as the President of BCCI. If Mr Srinivasan is precluded from functioning as the President of BCCI because a probe panel has been constituted by the Hon’ble Supreme Court into the serious allegations made by the probe panel against him, the ACC cannot allow N Srinivsan as President of ACC,” Verma said in a statement.


“Any such permission will sully the image of ACC and will bring disrepute to ACC and the BCCI would be made a laughing stock… if a person is not fit to hold the post of President of the BCCI then the said person should be unfit to hold office of ACC President,” he added. Srinivasan has been forced to step aside as BCCI President on the directions of the Supreme Court in the wake of the ongoing probe into the IPL spot-fixing and betting scandal.