N Srinivasan © Getty Images
N Srinivasan © Getty Images

Nov 11, 2014

N Srinivasan seemed unruffled after Justice Mudgal panel named him among the 13 names reported for the IPL spot-fixing and betting scandal. Srinivasan stressed that the investigators had found nothing against him, and that he had nothing to worry about.

“The honourable Supreme Court has not said anything against me. I also do not think there is any evidence against me. If there was anything against my report, the order would have been different,” he was quoted as saying by Mumbai Mirror.

“Even if there was 10 per cent of evidence against me, the court would have pointed that out. I am sure the investigators have not found anything against me,” he added.

“I am not responsible for anything that others do. If Gurunath [Meiyappan] has done something, you investigate and take action against him. I can’t be held responsible for others’ acts,”, he said.

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