Naveen Ul Haq Reacts To Viral ‘I’m Sorry Virat Kohli’ Tweet, Confirms It Was Done By A Fake Account

Naveen ul Haq said that the alleged I'm sorry Virat Kohli remark was done by a fake account.

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Naveen ul Haq, Virat Kohli (Image Source: Twitter)

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New Delhi: Naveen ul Haq has opened up on the alleged I’m sorry Virat Kohli remark. The tweet of Naveen apologising to Virat Kohli went viral on social media recently. However, Naveen has clarified that the account is fake and asked the fans to report if they receive messages from the account. The fake account has now been suspended from Twitter.

A day after LSG was knocked out of the IPL 2023 after losing to Mumbai Indians in the Eliminator, a tweet went viral from the fake account of Naveen ul Haq where the user sent out a public apology to Virat Kohli. The user also made several appreciation posts for Kohli and even said that the Indian superstar is better than Babar Azam. A section of Indian fans assumed it to be the real account of Naveen ul Haq and praised the Afghan pacer for accepting his mistake, but Naveen has now cleared the air over the controversy.


Naveen-ul-Haq shares a screengrab of the fake Twitter account

Naveen Ul Haq- Virat Kohli Saga: A Timeline Of The Controversy

It all started when Virat Kohli and Naveen ul Haq got involved in a heated exchange after LSG vs RCB match in Lucknow. Naveen then made several posts on his Instagram, making fun of RCB’s defeats. When RCB were knocked out of the tournament following a defeat to Gujarat Titans, Naveen posted a snap of RCB losing with Mangoes on the table. Naveen indirectly trolled RCB and Kohli with a caption ‘Sweet Mangoes’. When LSG were knocked out of the tournament, the Virat Kohli fans gave it back to Naveen with thousands of ‘sweet mango’ posts. The effect was such that LSG’s Twitter had to block words like mango, sweet, and aam. Also, the fans were at Naveen during LSG’s matches, chanting Virat Kohli’s name.

When asked about people taunting him with Virat Kohli chants, Naveen said that he enjoys it as it motivates him to do well. “Well, I don’t concentrate on the noise from the outside or anything else. I just focus on my own process. It’s not like if the crowd is chanting or anyone is saying something… it doesn’t affect me. As professional sportsmen, you have to take this in your stride. One day you will not do your best for the team and the fans will give it to you. On another day, you will do a special thing for your team and the same people can chant your name. So, [it’s] basically a part and parcel of the game.”

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