National Cricket Academy (NCA) director Rahul Dravid has said they are ensuring all the contracted players are maintaining their fitness during the coronavirus lockdown period through customised plans.

Not every cricketer, junior or senior, will have access to gym or scope of going for a run. So the Strength and Conditioning experts (S&Cs) at the NCA have been providing ‘creative solutions’ depending on the requirements of each individual so that they at least maintain if not improve their fitness levels.

“There are various measures in place to support cricketers,” Dravid told The Times of India. “For starters, our S&Cs and the physios are in constant touch with them, monitoring their programs and loads.”

He added, “Since some of them are recuperating from injuries, they require a different level of attention. Even with the training programs for example, it isn’t quite possible for all the guys to go for a run. Some have access to gyms but most don’t, so the S & Cs have had to become creative and provide the athletes the best possible solutions in such times, keeping in mind that they need to at least maintain current strength and conditioning levels if not become better.”

The metrics to track players have also been modified depending on the facilities an individual has access to.

“… during these unique times, our S&Cs have had to be more flexible and the metrics range from ‘number of sessions’ done for someone with basic home facilities to our usual metrics for someone who has access to in house gyms. All the contracted players are being offered support online and checked regularly to ensure that they are safe and taking good care of themselves,” the former India captain said.

Dravid, one of the finest batsmen of his generation, revealed said any plans for the next season are dependent on when the situation improves.

“We do have a few contingency plans in place but then again, we will only be able to dive deeper into any of those plans once the situation gets better and everyone is safe. Safety is the priority for everyone right now. Once things become more clearer, we will be able to react. I guess that’s true of all sport in the world,” he said.