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  • 3:00 AM IST

    The players are out in the middle.

  • 3:00 AM IST

    Mark Richardson is down for the Pitch report. Says that the humidity is a lot lower. The pitch looks brown and looks a very good batting pitch. On looking at this pitch, Mark Richardson says that it was a mistake bowling first.

  • 2:51 AM IST

    We are still awaiting confirmation on Ben Stokes’ fitness. He left the ground due to a knee injury and it seems unlikely that he will bowl. England should consider themselves lucky that they went for an extra seamer or were they aware of this issue and knew that Ben is carrying an injury?

  • 2:46 AM IST

    As far as the match situation goes, England are currently under the pump mainly due to Tom Latham’s brilliant knock and his century partnership with Ross Taylor. Joe Root’s decision to bowl first seems to be backfiring and he needs wickets and that too in a heap this morning to stay in contention. For the Kiwis, it will be all about driving home the advantage and putting on a massive first innings total. Which team will succeed in its cause? We will find that out soon as the action gets underway half an hour early to make up for the lost overs on Day 1.

  • 2:43 AM IST

    Welcome ladies and gentlemen for the second day of the Hamilton Test. First up, on the weather front, it’s a beautiful morning at Seddon Park and the sun is out in its full glory. The forecast is much better for the day, however, showers are predicted for later on. Let’s hope for an uninterrupted game.

  • 2:42 AM IST

    … DAY 2, SESSION 1 …

  • 9:52 AM IST

    Tom Latham led the charge for the Kiwis after losing the first two wickets. In Ross Taylor, he found an able ally and together they didn’t allow the England bowlers to settle down into any kind of rhythm. Their century partnership put New Zealand on top and Tom went on to notch up yet another century for himself in 2019. It was a really tough day for the Three Lions and dropping Latham on 66 didn’t help their cause. They now will have to bounce back on Saturday to avoid falling behind the 8-ball so early in this Test match. Will they succeed? Do join us at 1030 local (2130 GMT, Previous day) as there will be half an hour early start to make up for the lost overs. Until then, it’s goodbye and cheers!

  • 9:51 AM IST

    Right then, the rain refused to relent and the umpires have decided to CALL OFF the remaining of day’s play! A satisfying first day for the Black Caps. They did lose the toss but their batsmen made sure to not let that become a disadvantage. England didn’t get the kind of purchase from the surface that Joe Root expected at the toss. There was minimal movement on offer and the English speedsters were also quite indisciplined with their line and length.

  • 9:08 AM IST

    Update 1634 local – No improvement in the conditions. It’s raining heavily and the covers are on. Blackcaps have tweeted that the umpires are set for an inspection just before 1700 local. Not sure how with the rain still coming down hard…

  • 8:35 AM IST

    Update 1603 local – Okay so that was just a short resumption as the groundsmen have come out with the covers. They are expecting that rains will hit hard anytime soon. And yes, here it comes. It has STARTED TO RAIN in Hamilton and the players have made their way back into the pavilion. More covers are coming on. It has turned completely dark. This is not looking good. Stay tuned for latest updates!

  • 8:34 AM IST

    54.3 Jofra Archer to Tom Latham, no run, Good length ball on middle and leg, staying low as well, Tom defends it from the back foot.

  • 8:33 AM IST

    54.2 Jofra Archer to Tom Latham, no run, Jofra bends his back and digs in a well-directed bouncer around off. Latham arches back and evades it.

  • 8:33 AM IST

    54.1 Jofra Archer to Tom Latham, no run, Archer speeds in from ’round the wicket and angles in a length ball around off. Latham defends it from the bottom end of his bat and it rolls behind. Archer has his hands on his head.

  • 8:32 AM IST

    Some good news for you as the players have made their way out to the middle. The Kiwi batters, Tom Latham and Henry Nicholls are getting ready too. The artificial lights have been turned on as it is very dark. Jofra Archer to start the proceedings with centurion Tom Latham on strike.

  • 8:31 AM IST

    We expected the players to be out in the middle but for now, it is the ground staff who are out there. With dark clouds hovering above the ground, they are expecting the showers to start anytime soon.

  • 8:30 AM IST

    … Day 1, Session 3 …

  • 8:13 AM IST

    Another enthralling session of Test cricket! New Zealand enjoyed most of it and losing Ross Taylor was the only blemish for them. The afternoon segment saw a couple of notable moments. One involved a debatable lbw decision of Taylor which was overruled by the third umpire and another involved Tom Latham, who was dropped on 66 by Ben Stokes. The visitors had to work really hard to dislodge the century partnership. Tom though continued and completed a fabulous century. He is looking good for a big one and the hosts would be hoping that he bats out the entire day today. The English bowling has been good only in patches and they have leaked too many boundaries. As the players are leaving the field for Tea, we can see dark clouds enveloping the stadium. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope there won’t be any rain interruptions. Do join us in a short while.

  • 8:13 AM IST

    53.6 Joe Root to Henry Nicholls, no run, Last ball before the Tea break and Nicholls has negotiated it well as he comes forward and defends it. New Zealand 173/3 at TEA ON DAY 1.

  • 8:12 AM IST

    53.5 Joe Root to Henry Nicholls, no run, Nicholls prods forward and blocks it out again.

  • 8:12 AM IST

    53.4 Joe Root to Tom Latham, 1 run, Latham punches this one off the back foot towards cover and takes a single.

  • 8:12 AM IST

    53.3 Joe Root to Tom Latham, no run, Floated on off, Latham prods forward and defends it.

  • 8:11 AM IST

    53.2 Joe Root to Tom Latham, FOUR, FOUR! 100 up for Tom Latham! This has been a controlled and solid innings from him. Floated on middle and off, Latham comes down the track and converts it into a full toss. He then drives this one through the mid on region for a boundary. Reached his half ton just before the Lunch break and has now reached his ton just before the Tea break. Can he keep this going and convert this into a daddy hundred?

  • 8:11 AM IST

    53.1 Joe Root to Tom Latham, no run, Floated on off, defended by Latham.

  • 8:10 AM IST

    Joe Root is back into the attack to bowl the last over before the Tea break. 1-0-6-0,his figures so far.

  • 8:09 AM IST

    52.6 Jofra Archer to Henry Nicholls, no run, Bouncer to end the over by Archer but Nicholls does well to evade it.

  • 8:09 AM IST

    52.5 Jofra Archer to Henry Nicholls, no run, Length ball on middle and leg, angling into Nicholls. He tries to work it away but misses and is hit on the thigh pad.

  • 8:08 AM IST

    52.4 Jofra Archer to Henry Nicholls, no run, Length ball outside off, left alone.

  • 8:08 AM IST

    52.3 Jofra Archer to Henry Nicholls, no run, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.

  • 8:07 AM IST

    52.2 Jofra Archer to Henry Nicholls, no run, Length ball on middle and off, defended by Nicholls.

  • 8:07 AM IST

    52.1 Jofra Archer to Henry Nicholls, no run, Short of a length ball outside off, Nicholls guides this one towards the third man region. Burns at gully dives to his right and stops the ball.

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