Rangana Herath ended with five wickets for three runs © Getty Images
Rangana Herath ended with five wickets for three runs © Getty Images


Mar 31, 2014


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That suicidal run-out means that New Zealand are all but done with this must-win encounter. Rangana Herath came back to bowl his last over. Boult gets a leading edge and a confusion ensues for the second run. Herath finishes off with Boult edging to slips. Herath’s bowling figures read 3.3-2-3-5. Sri Lanka are into the semi-final of the ICC World T20 and will face the winner of West Indies vs Pakistan game.
OUT! Williamson 42(43), Boult 3(8)







Williamson has not given it up yet. Malinga tests him with some toe-crushers but he plays it carefully. Gets a boundary on one loose delivery, flciking it behind the wicket. Boult somehow manages to survive.


Gone! Mills tries to reverse sweep against Senanayake and misses it. Loud appeal for leg-before, Umpire Rod Tucker raises his finger. Replays showed the ball was missing the leg-stump. Trent Boult is the new batsman.
OUT! Mills 4(9)


Williamson picks a couple on the first ball and then pulls the short one from Mathews to deep square boundary for four. On the next ball,  makes room on the fourth ball to cut away, gets a bottom edge and runs behind the wicket. Single for him. Mills on the fifth ball drives with authority for four. 11 from the over. New Zealand need 70 runs in seven overs.


Kane Willimson plays defensively against Senanayake. Gets a single on the fifth ball. Mills blocks the last ball comfortably. New Zealanad need 81 runs in 48 balls. That’s over 10 runs an over.


Williamson takes control and smashes Mathews over his head for a four. Wasn’t timed well but managed to keep it away from any fielder. Williamson has an additional responsibility of managing the innings along with Mills.







Another one bites the dust! For a change it’s Senanayake who picks a wicket. Soft dismissal for Nathan McCullum. Flicks the ball straight to short midwicket. Needless shot.
OUT! N McCullum 2(9)


Tidy over from Mathews, two runs from it. Kane Williamson will be the key here if New Zealand have any hopes of winnings this.





New Zealand have been ‘Herathed’!!! Unbelievable spell from Herath. Spins one away from Ronchi and hits him plumb in front. No hesitation for the umpire to raise his finger. Every time you read the score mentioned above add one more wicket to it because Anderson is not going to bat.
OUT! Ronchi 2(4)







And Lasith Malinga is into the attack. No yorkers in that over. Five from it.







Herath is running through the New Zealand batting. After surviving two close leg-efore appeals, he is finally out LBW. Herath is elated and so are the rest of his teammates. And Nisham is bowled as well. While the excitement soars through, time to remind that Lasith Malinga is yet to bowl. It’s all a nightmare now for the Kiwis! Herath’s figures read 2-2-0-3!!!
OUT! Taylor 0(5), Neesham 0(1)


Kulasekara is getting the ball to swing in to the right handers. Williamson goes in to a shell defending against Kulasekara. Ross Taylor is the new batsman in. Williamson pulls the last ball for a boundary. With Anderson out due to injury, the Kiwis are three down for 23.


That’s how you define ‘throw the wicket away’. Guptill pushes the ball towards mid-on and sets off for a single. He underestimated Herath’s fitness to pick that ball. The bowler eventually fielded it and threw to Sangakkara and Guptill is stranded. A loud appeal for leg-before against McCullum on the fifth ball but the umpire turned it down. But McCullum gifts his wicket away coming down the track and is stumped. Maiden over and two wickets. Meanwhile news coming in that Corey Anderson has dislocated his finger and won’t bat in this innings. New Zealand are in deep trouble in just one over.
OUT! Guptill 5(9), McCullum 0(5)



Cheeky boundary for Williamson. Comes down the track to hit Kulasekara, gets an inside edge and runs to the right of short fine-leg fielder. That prompts Sangakkara to stand up to the wickets again. The bowlers are getting handy swin here.


Angelo Mathews starts from the other end with an off-cutter. Williamson comes down the track but gets an inside edge just missing the stumps. Gets a single on the next ball with a pull towards deep mid-wicket. Sangakkara is standing close to the stumps. On the last ball, Mathews pitches it short and on the leg-side, Williamson pulls it past the fineleg fielder standing inside the circle for four.



Guptill gets a single on the second ball playing towards midwicket. Williamson is off the mark as well on the fourth ball with an uppish shot past slips. Guptill flicks the fifth ball past the short fine-leg fielder to pick a couple.




Will this be the last of Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene? or Lasith Malinga and the spinners can push them to a win? Let’s see what the second innings has in store. Nuwan Kulasekara to start off proceedings.



Stat Alert: Lasith Malinga is the first captain to bat at No. 11.


James Neehsam bowls the 20th over. The first ball is short and wide, Senanayake cuts it straight to backward point where Williamson takes an low catch. Malinga walks in. He tries to make room, Neesham follows him, hits his pads and the ball deflects on to the stumps. Brilliant display in the field from New Zealanad. They strangled the Sri Lankan batsmen and eventually forced them to throw their bat around and concede the wickets. 119 to get into the semi-finals and New Zealand have an easy task ahead unless they turn out to be as complacent as England.
OUT! Senanayake 17(11), Malinga 0(1)


Slower ball from Kyle Mills pitched wide of Perera, the batsmen throws his bat around, the ball lobs up in the air and Kane Williamson takes it easily. Earlier Perera had hit a boundary past thirdman. But Mills misses an easy run-out. Senanayake plays towards point and goes for a single. Williamson throws the ball to Mills who has three stumps to aim at but still kisses it. Stuart Broad will vouch for how difficult that can be!
OUT! T Perera 16(13)


James Neesham is in to bowl and Sri Lanka capitalise with some good hits from Senanayake. The right-hander slaps a length delivery for four and follows it up with a six. The ball greased past Corey Anderson’s palms and he walks off with a possible injury. 14 runs from the voer.


And the frustration only increases for Sri Lanka as Thisara Perera is on the strike but fails to connect his wild swing of the bat. He finally manages to strike one over the covers, Martin Guptill comes running in and goes for the catch, misses it and the ball runs down for a boundary.


Sri Lanka are falling apart. Kulasekara derives straight to Nathan McCullum short cover and McClenaghan gets one more. Just like we saw in the previous match between England and Netherlands, the early wickets and low run-rate means that the lower order is always going to throw the bat around and walk back. Earlier in the over, Perera has smashed a low full-toss back past the bowler for a boundary. It all depends on him now to retain as much as strike for the next 24 deliveries.
OUT! Kulasekara 0(1)



Nathan McCullum had almost strangled Jayawardene. He couldn’t get the ball away from the inner ring for four deliveries until Jayawardene gets a boundary. But the painstaking innings comes to an end when McCullum bowled Jayawardene trying to sweep again.
OUT! Jayawardene 25(32)


Mitchell McCelnaghan is bowling with hostile pace. Jayawardene is looking to play some cheeky shots but finds it difficult to connect neatly. But McClenaghan is ultimately rewarded for his probing length. He gets one angling away from right-handed Mathews who nicks it, Ronchi takes the catch comfortably. Thisara Perera has come in and he might just be the perfect batsman to up the ante in the remaining 36 deliveries. McClenaghan welcomes him with a yorker length delivery.
OUT! Mathews 6(10)


Spin for the first time in this match. Nathan McCullum comes in to bowl. Four singles from the over. Both these batsmen are exceptional in finding the gaps and keeping the scoreboard moving but the challenge would be to get the boundaries as well. Their run-rate is under six now.



Gone! Thirimanne goes for the upper-cut and Martin Guptill at deep thirdman takes a regulation catch. Skipper Angelo Mathews comes in. Meanwhile Jayawardene who had crossed over gets a boundary guiding a wayward delivery from James Neesham. Stat alert: Angelo Mathews has never missed a T20 match for Sri Lanka. This is his 51st T20I match for Sri Lanka on the trot.
OUT! Thirimanne 17(20)


Thirimanne goes for an aerial shot and just about cleared Brendon McCullum at mid-on to get a boundary. McCullum had a frustrated look on his face as the ball almost brushed his palm. Meanwhile, Jayawardene too is struggling trying to time the ball. Three singles and a couple apart from the wide in that over.



Brendon McCullum has planned his fielding positions carefully. Either the bowler beats the batsmen or the well-timed shots sprint straight to the fielders in the deep. 10 overs gone and the Kiwis have certainly won the first quarter of the match.





While teams in this tournament have unleashed their spinners to win them the matches, he’s a New Zealand side rattling the opposition with their pace. After Boult, Mills, McClenaghan, Corey Anderson continues to maintain the pressure on Sri Lanka with that two-run over. Jayawardene on the last ball almost chops the ball on to his stumps.



After struggling to score, Thirimanne finally gets an upper-cut right out of the middle of his bat and gets a boundary. Brendon McCullum has still kept the slip fielder. Trent Boult finishes his spell. 4-0-20-3. Could this be a match-winning spell? 15 dot balls out of 24.



Dropped! Tough chance but going by the excellent fielding standards maintained by the Kiwis, that would be looked as a catch gone down. McClenaghan keeps the ball moving away from left-handed Thirimanne until he finally induces an edge, Nathan McCullum in the slips dives but the ball flies above his outstretched left arm.


There comes the booming Sangakkara cover-drive. Bends and the left knee almost touches the ground, the bat facing towards covers. The fielder fetches the ball from the boundary. But that’s the end of Sangakkara, on the last ball tries to smash one over mid-off but mistimes it. The fielder stationed near the circle, Corey Anderson takes a neat low catch.
OUT! Sangakkara 4(11)



Corey Anderson comes in to bowl. Jayawardene gets a single on the third ball. Sangakkara defends solidly in the remaining three balls. One from the over.


Gone! The ‘dil-scoop’ fetches New Zealand a wicket. Dilshan tries to be cheeky trying to reverse-scoop Trent Boult but fails to get enough bat on it. The ball lobs up high in the air and Luke Ronchi takes the catch. Not doubt whether he had hit it this time, had clearly brushed past the gloves. Sri Lanka have lost both their openers now. The old warhorses Jayawardene and Sangakkara have yet another task of rescuing Sri Lanka. Boult is getting some swing.
OUT! Dilshan 8(11)



It’s been a dramatic start to this match, after the cameo from Perera and the shocking caught behind dismissal, Dilshan unleashes his ‘dil-scoop’ against Mills’s slower delivery to get four runs.


Kusal Perera was batting like he always does. The second ball is a touch short and he rocks on the backfoot to place it between cover and extra-cover for a boundary. But the enterprising innings came to an end when Boult delivered one down the leg-side. Perera tries to flick it. Ronchi appeals just to check whether he gets lucky with that shout and to everyone’s surprise, Aleem Dar raises his finger. Perera is unhappy and nods his head in disapproval. Meanwhile, Boult was warned for bowling a beamer to Dilshan earlier.
OUT! Perera 16(8)



Kyle Mills starts off with a short of length delivery which was played softly by Perera on the legside for a single. Dilshan then got off the mark with a flick to deep midwicket. Mills strayed on the pads of Perera on the third ball, Perera worked it past short fine-leg for a boundary. And Perera isn’t content with that four. The fifth ball was whipped by Perera aerially over deep midwicket. James Neesham tried to catch it but the ball eluded him and landed beyond the boundary for a six. Entertaining start to the match.





Toss: New Zealand win toss, elect to bowl


The Kiwis are fielding with the same XI from their previous match. All eyes on Lasith Malinga too captaining the side for the first time. Herath comes in for Mendis.


Not much dew around now, so New Zealand bowlers can heave a sigh of relief. Will have to wait and watch whether the conditions remain the same. If it does then Sri Lankan spinners could dominate the proceedings.


Just to clarify, this is virtually a quarter-final. Whoever wins seals the semi-final spot from Group 1 along with South Africa.


Playing XI:


New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Brendon McCullum (c), Corey Anderson, James Neesham, Luke Ronchi (wk), Nathan McCullum, Trent Boult, Kyle Mills, Mitchell McClenaghan.


Sri Lanka: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kusal Perera, Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Lahiru Thirimanne, Angelo Mathews, Nuwan Kulasekara, Thisara Perera, Rangana Herath, Sachithra Senanayake, Lasith Malinga (c).




Welcome to the live updates to this all important match of Group 1 of the ICC World T20 2014 between New Zealand and Sri Lanka at the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury stadium in Chittagong. I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing live updates of the match. This match is a virtual quarterfinal as the winner will grab the remaining semi-final spot from group 1, and the losing party have to pack their bags.


With South Africa having already qualified for the Semi-finals from Group 1, Sri Lanka and New Zealand are expected to go all out to grab the remaining berth. While New Zealand come into this match on the back of a comfortable win against Netherlands, Sri Lanka will be hoping to put the defeat against England behind them, and get back to winning ways.


While Sri Lanka will be banking a lot on their spinners, the Brendon McCullum-led New Zealand attack will hope to rise to the occasion and score big. Dew could be a factor once more as it’s another night match in Chittagong.


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New Zealand: Brendon McCullum (c), Kane Williamson, Martin Guptill, Ross Taylor, Corey Anderson, Anton Devcich, Colin Munro, Ronnie Hira, Nathan McCullum, Luke Ronchi (wk), Trent Boult, Mitchell McClenaghan, Tim Southee, Kyle Mills, Jimmy Neesham.


Sri Lanka: Dinesh Chandimal (c), Tillakaratne Dilshan, Rangana Herath, Mahela Jayawardene, Nuwan Kulasekara, Suranga Lakmal, Lasith Malinga, Angelo Mathews, Ajantha Mendis, Kusal Perera, Thisara Perera, Seekkuge Prasanna, Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Sachithra Senanayake, Lahiru Thirimanne.


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