Number one spot in the ICC Test rankings for bowlers does not change what he tries to do on the field, said the Australian right-arm pacer Pat Cummins.

The right-arm pacer retained his top spot in the rankings which were released on Sunday.

“The last six or seven years, Dale Steyn’s been number one, and for me he’s been the guy I’ve put up on a pedestal and thought, ‘How good is he?’ To think I’m number one now is really weird. It doesn’t change what I’m trying to do out on the field or who I am, but it’s a nice little nod to have,” Cummins was quoted as saying by

The 26-year-old bowler, who will be spearheading Australia’s pace-bowling attack in the upcoming Test series against Pakistan, also said that he satisfied with his accuracy in the bowling.

“I’ve been really happy with my accuracy. I feel like the more I’ve bowled, the more accurate I’ve become,” he said.

“When I almost don’t have to think, ‘Is this ball going to land where I want it to?’ it gives me time to consider other options – just knowing that your stock ball is in a good place,” added Cummins.