There is no shortage of MS Dhoni fans across India but for old Pranav Jain of Bengaluru, the number 183 has a special significance. It is Dhoni’s career-best score on ODIs and the 22-year-old Jain is out on a mission to receive exactly 183 number of autographs from the two-time World Cup winning captain.

Needless to mention, Jain has travelled across the globe and collected Dhoni’s autographs on gloves, trophies, bats, posters, sketches and what not. In Kolkata currently, Jain’s tally of autographs read 153 and the teenager is hoping to get at least 10 more from Dhoni, who also is in the city to shoot a commercial with another former India captain Kapil Dev.

“Mahi bhai has promised me 183 autographs but with a rider. He has told me “Jis din tera 183 complete hoga, tujhe aur koi autograph nahi milega (The day you complete your collection of 183 autographs, you will not get any more)”. I am planning to get 10 autographs today and it will be 163,” Jain, set to join his family business, told PTI while waiting for Dhoni to complete his shoot at a Kolkata resort.

Kapil has been in the city since Monday and was the chief guest at an event in Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan (BSS) girls school.

The number 183 has had a special place in the forklore of Indian cricket. It was the total which India defended against West Indies in the 1983 World Cup final to be crowned champions. Besides Dhoni’s highest individual score on ODIs, which he achieved against Sri Lanka in 2005, 183 also happens to be the career-best score of the man under whom Dhoni debuted: the current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly.