Madan Lal, the newly-elected member of the Cricket Advisory Committee, feels Virat Kohli‘s low-key tour of New Zealand was not something to worry and that it happens to the best of cricketers. Kohli scored just 38 runs from four innings, to go with a quiet limited-overs leg – which saw him go past fifty just once – capping off a forgettable series for him.

However, irrespective of his of form or loss of confidence, Lal reckons Kohli is still the best batsman in the world and backed the India captain to come back stronger.

“He was out of form. You can say it was a loss of confidence. That (series against New Zealand) doesn’t take anything away from him. He is still the world’s best player. At times, technical flaws come in and you then try harder and harder but still you don’t come out of it. It happens to the best of players,” Lal told Times of India.

Lal further added that he doesn’t agree with people who target Kohli time and again for his aggressive nature. Kohli, not one to mince words, gave a send-off to Kane Williamson during the second Test and was seen swearing at the crowd. After India loss the Test series, Kohli did not take kindly to a journalist’s question targetted at his attitude, an incident that hasn’t occurred for the first time.

As far as Lal is concerned, he doesn’t feel the need for Kohli to tone down.

“I don’t understand why people in India are asking him to mellow down,” he said. “First, everyone wanted a very aggressive captain and now you want Kohli to stop his aggressive streak. I love the way he is on the field. Earlier, people used to say that Indians are not aggressive; now that we’ve become aggressive people question that and ask why we are so aggressive. I enjoy Kohli’s aggression; we need a captain like him.”