Pakistan cricket needs a revolution: Imran

Pakistan cricket needs a revolution, feels former captain Imran Khan. Getty Images

Karachi: May 2, 2011

Former Pakistan captain Imran Khan feels there needs to be a “revolution” in the country’s cricket to rid it of corruption, favoritism and nepotism. During the opening of the Moin Khan academy, Imran said drastic steps were needed to put things straight in Pakistan cricket.

“If a democratic system is the best way to govern Pakistan cricket than it should be implemented as soon as possible,” he told reporters. Imran said Australia had the best cricket system because of intense competition in their domestic league.

“India after introducing the Indian Premier League has gone from strength to strength and countries that sincerely work on improving their system will always be on top.

“If you have a stable cricket system you will have quality cricket and your selection will be fair. Good administration also means taking preventive steps to keep out corruption in the sport,” he said.

“Our cricket needs a revolution like the country. Democracy should prevail and the people running the Pakistan Cricket Board should be accountable for their performances,” Imran added.

The President of the country presently nominates the Chairman of the PCB that has been running on an ad hoc basis since 1999.