Aaron Finch © Getty Images (File Photo)
Aaron Finch © Getty Images (File Photo)

Oct 5, 2014

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It turned out to be a tighter chase than was expected. Pakistan tried their best to mask a woeful batting performance. But every ball that David Warner was out there was one ball that was taking the game away. A composed innings from him despite the threat from the pitch and the disciplined bowling. Solid half-century and when one of your top four score that much chasing 97. Australia win by six wickets with 6 overs to spare.

Good over for Pakistan. Only fours runs from the over. 12 more runs required by Australia now.
Shahid Afridi calls debutant Saad Nasim to roll his hand over. Seems to be some dew on the park. Nasim wants the umpire’s towel, then dries it on his trousers and then rubs the turf with his fingers. Warner took full advantage of it. He hit one four and one six in the over. Now only 16 runs required for Australia.



Warner eases the pressure with a boundary in that over from Riaz. Was angling in but Warner made room and cut it with precision. The batsmen appear comfortable against pace there.



Things getting a touch close for Australia. The well-set Warner though has looked comfortable. Afridi bowls another tidy over. Faulkner is off the mark. Warner plays a few well-timed cross-batted strokes. Faulkner on the last ball drives beautifully for a couple.



Wahab Riaz comes in to the attack and Warner welcomes him with a huge six. Picks a single on the next ball. Hughes then hangs his bat and his beaten. Next ball he goes for a pull, doesn’t get the timing right and is caught by Sohaib Maqsood.. Looked restless in his brief stay at the crease. Pakistan’s fielding though in this innings has been commendable.
OUT! P Hughes c Maqsood b Riaz 6(8)



Hughes is in trouble on the first ball against Afridi, trying to go for a cut. Next ball is pitched up and he drives it for four. Once again finds himself in trouble attempting a sweep. A similar attempt fetches him a single. Need 48 runs off 72 balls.



Poor shot from Smith. Comes down the track to hit Raza over mid-on, doesn’t get hold of it and Wahab Riaz takes a brilliant catch from Pakistani standards. Hughes somehow manages to get one away on the leg-side for a single.
OUT! S Smith c Riaz b Raza 3(6)



Breakthrough. Afridi comes in to bowl. Maxwell misses the reverse sweep on the first ball. The next one is a faster ball and Maxwell waits on the backfoot, hit on the pads, easy decision for the umpire. Steven Smith is the new man in. Afridi welcomes him with a wide. Afridi’s deliveries are gripping and turning. He could be bowling another two overs on the trot here.
OUT!G Maxwell lbw Afridi 17(10)



Raza continues and Warner picks a single on the third ball. Maxwell then slogs one over midwicket. Didn’t get the timing right. The ball slows down and they run three. Warner punishes the fifth ball with a backfoot punch over cover for four.



First ball from Irfan is outside off, little bit of width and Warner is on his feet to cut away over covers for four. Single on the next ball. Maxwell then comes don the track for the big hit, gets the edge and just about manages to clear slip for four. On the last ball, Maxwell goes for a big heave on the off-side and goes over slips for four.



Raza gets the wicket. Finch goes for a full-blooded sweep to the one that was coming in to him and the ball pops up straight to Irfan at short fine-leg. Glenn Maxwell comes in to bat at No 3. Couple of dot balls and he has had enough, reverse sweep, clears the in-field for four.
OUT! Finch c Irfan b Raza 5(9)



Mohammad Irfan starts over the wicket and delivers the first one on the middle-stump. Finch plays a half-hearted drive but the timing was good enough to beat the dive from mid-on for four. Irfan comes back well to beat Finch a couple of teams getting ball to move away from him. Finch still looks a touch unsettled. Missed two pull shots as well. Finally gets the pull shot right and picks a single.



Hasan Raza starts off. Almost a perfect start for the debutant. David Warner comes down the track and misses the line of the ball. The keeper misses it too. Four. Warner earlier started his innings with a couple.




Brilliant last over from Kane Richardson. Only three runs conceded from the over. Pakistan would be hugely disappointed but thankfully they will be happy not being bowled out.



One more down. Wahab Riaz goes for a wild swing and the top edge balloons high in the air, it’s swirling in the air and Starc takes a good catch. Third ball of the over is straying down the leg and the ball deflects of the pad for four. Mohammad Irfan is almost run out on the fourth ball thanks to some lazy running.
OUT! W Riaz c Starc b Faulkner 16(20)



Sean Abbott to bowl the 18th over. Starts off with a wide. The next one is pulled ferociously by Riaz for a couple. Follows it up with an aerial shot towards long-on for a single. Raza fails to connect a pull next up. He manages to connect the fourth ball and adds two to his account. A dot ball and a single follows.



The second ball of the over from Richarson is slapped back by Riaz for four. A boundary after long time. Just seven from that over.



Mitchell Starc comes back in to the attack. Riaz manages to pick a single on the second ball. Two more singles follow. On the last ball of the over, Nasim is bowled. He had backed away and Starc darts it in to the block-hole. Hasan Raza is the new man in.
OUT! S Nasim b Starc 25(32)



James Faulkner comes in to bowl. Wahab Riaz had almost gifted his wicket away trying to go for a non-existent single. Maxwell missed the stumps and he survived. Riaz tries to go for a pull on the fourth one and the top-edge flies fine behind the wicket. Couple more. Seven from the over.


With spinners dominating, Finch gets Steven Smith to bowl his leggies. Gets enough purchase from the wicket to keep a check on the batsmen.



The route to pavilion has seen a lot of traffic in the last hour. Time for Anwar Ali to depart. A nothing shot from him. The ball is turning and yet fetches one that turns further away from him and gives a regulation catch to mid-off. Two wickets for Boyce. Just a single from that over. Wahab Riaz is the new man in.
OUT! A Ali c Richardson b Boyce 5(11)



Nasim picks a single and gets the fifty for Pakistan. They have already lost six wickets. Pakistan’s last boundary came fifty balls earlier! Meanwhile, Anwar picks a couple on the fourth ball and was almost caught in the slips next ball. Single on the last ball of the over.



Tidy over from leggie Boyce. All three debutants today have got a wicket in their first over. Three singles in that over.



After Boyce, it’s debutant Sean Abbott who gets a wicket. Big one for him. Gets the scalp of captain Shahid Afridi. Pitches on the good length and comes back in to him. Afridi isn’t watching it, just goes for a pre-meditated heave on the leg-side. Vociferous appeal and the umpire raises his finger.
OUT! S Afridi lbw Abbott 2(3)


Cameron Boyce is bowling the ideal leg-spinner’s length. Just five singles from the over. These two have a task of resurrecting the innings. But knowing Afridi, it’s never predictable.


This is a sinking ship. Pakistan batsmen are having a brain-freeze situation. Umar Akmal goes after this one from Richardson and it goes high in the air. Warner takes a good catch.
OUT! U Akmal c Warner b Richardson 1(5)



Debutant Cameron Boyce comes in to bowl. Gets good turn but he has bowled short . The moment he moves it further, he gets the reward. Wicket in the first over for the debutant. It looked touch short and Nasim tried to cut it and ended up spooning it to slip. Umar Akmal is the new man in. The last ball of the over, pitched on the leg and spun across the defence of Akmal. Impressive first over from Boyce.
OUT! Shehzad c Finch b Boyce 10(20)



Starc to Nasim: The debutant is not moving his feet well and just keeps prodding at the away going deliveries. Finally gets one on the pads and clips it away for a single. Midwicket makes a brilliant stop. Shehzad plays out two dot balls.



Who would have believed that the tour would begin with Maxwell running through Pakistan with his bowling. Maqsood should have been dismissed first ball but Haddin missed an easy stumping on the first ball. But on the third one, Maqsood goes for a big heave and misses the line of the ball. Three wickets for Maxwell. Lots of turn on offer. Five more wides follow. Couple of singles on the last two deliveries.
OUT! S Maqsood b Maxwell 0(3)



Frist ball from Starc is pushed to covers by Shehzad for no runs. The next one is down the leg-side and Starc gifts five wides. A dot ball follows. The next one is wide and Shehzad dispatches it a2way for four.



Maxwell has already made a difference without holding the bat. Two wickets in the over. Awais Zia lofted the first ball of that Maxwell high over covers for a couple. On the third ball, Zia gifts his wicket away. A touch short and wide and he hits straight to mid-on. Two dot balls and Umar Amin runs behind Awais as well. Came down the track and misses the line of the ball, Haddin whips off the bails.
OUT! A Zia c Richardson b Maxwell 3(7). U Amin st Haddin b Maxwell 0(3)



Mitchell Starc starts off from the other end and Shehzad plays one back. Shehzad and Haddin have a few words as the batsman came in the way of a throw. He then gets four leg-byes through fine-leg. After a few quiet deliveries, Shehzad chased one outside the off-stump and it went past first-slip for a four.
Awais Zia and Ahmed Shehzad walk out with the latter facing. Glenn Maxwell to open the bowling with his off-spin. Shehzad gets a leg-bye first up. Zia gets off the mark off his second ball by playing one to deep cover. Shehzad then gets a single through the leg-side. Zia tries to sweep, but finds the fielder.





Toss: Pakistan have won the toss and have elected to bat first.


Pakistan: Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Amin, Sohaib Maqsood, Awais Zia, Umar Akmal (wk), Shahid Afridi(c), Saad Nasim, Hasan Raza, Wahab Riaz, Anwar Ali, Mohammad Irfan.

Australia: David Warner, Phil Hughes, Aaron Finch, Glenn Maxwell, Steven Smith, James Faulkner, Brad Haddin, Sean Abbott, Cameroon Boyce, Mitchell Starc, Kane Richardson




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the only T20 International between Pakistan and Australia at Dubai. Pakistan will be without their key spinner Saeed Ajmal who is suspended from international cricket after his bowling action was found illegal. Pakistan will also miss the services of Mohammad Hafeez, who has been ruled out of action for two weeks due to a hand injury. Read the preview of the match here

Pakistan will be led by Shahid Afridi, who has been appointed the new captain of the team. Pakistan have included left-arm spinner Raza Hasan to replace Ajmal and also have an exciting leg-spinning allrounder in Saad Nasim who is uncapped at this level.

Meanwhile, Australia too aren’t in a comfortable position. They do have some power-packed players but they will be starting under a new captain in Aaron Finch. Injuries to a few players have disturbed the preparations of Aussies in the run-up to the tour. Mitchell Marsh is all set to miss, Pat Cummins too won’t make it as he was busy with the Champions League T20 2014.


Australia: Aaron Finch (c), David Warner, Phillip Hughes, Steven Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Brad Haddin (wk), James Faulkner, Sean Abbott, Mitchell Starc, Kane Richardson, Cameron Boyce, Nathan Lyon, Steve O’Keefe.

Pakistan: Ahmed Shehzad, Awais Zia, Umar Amin, Umar Akmal (wk), Shahid Afridi (c), Sohaib Maqsood, Saad Nasim, Raza Hasan, Sohail Tanvir, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Irfan, Bilawal Bhatti, Sami Aslam, Zulfiqar Babar, Anwar Ali.

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