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  • 10:31 AM IST

    Caught behind?

  • 10:29 AM IST

    The players are out in the middle. Pakistan team gets into a huddle outside the boundary. LASITH EMBULDENIYA has joined Oshada Fernando in the middle. Now, the hosts spread out. Naseem to continue his over from Day 4. Here we go…

  • 10:26 AM IST

    Niroshan Dickwella is having a chat with Roshan Abeysinghe. On his knock last evening, Dikka says that he had a chat with Oshada Fernando and made a plan. Stresses that first he played defensively but missed a couple of balls. Then, he adds that he chose to attack. Feels unfortunate that he got out after the century stand but believes that reverse sweep is his strength and he will not stop playing anything which is his strength. Honestly says that the match went away from Sri Lanka on Day 3 and if someone from his team had batted strongly, they might not have been in this situation. On what different they could have done in the second innings with the ball, Niroshan says that they could have maintained more consistency and intensity.

  • 10:16 AM IST

    From Pakistan’s point of view, they will hope that the young Naseem Shah gets a 5-fer. He has bowled exceptionally well and the way he setup Dilruwan Perera shows the matured head on his young shoulders. He will be raring to bowl fast this morning and clean this up in a jiffy.

  • 10:14 AM IST

    Since Day 2 evening, it has all been Pakistan. Sunday was no different. Barring that one fightback from Oshada Fernando and Niroshan Dickwella, there was nothing much from Sri Lanka. They trail by a mammoth 263 runs and even if they stave off 64 off those, it will be an achievement, considering that only 3 wickets are left.

  • 10:11 AM IST

    That time when you feel should we even go to the ground? Should we even switch on the television sets? Shall we just wait for the inevitable update to come which will read Pakistan win the game? With due respect to Sri Lanka, does not seem like there will be any fightback coming this morning. 3 wickets remaining and they might just hope to delay what is going to be the eventual result. Will we even get an hour of play? Hello and a warm welcome to the final day of Sri Lanka’s tour of Pakistan.

  • 10:07 AM IST

    … DAY 5 …

  • 6:13 PM IST

    What is remaining for Sri Lanka in this Test match? Just hope that there is some solid fight shown. But sadly, there are no batting pairs left. Oshada Fernando is the only recognized batsman remaining and given that three tail-enders are to come, this might not last even 30 minutes on Day 5. Join us at 10 am local (0500 GMT) for the final rites of the match and series. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

  • 6:11 PM IST

    Excellent bowling from Pakistan. On a track where the Lankans toiled and toiled and toiled, struggling to pick wickets for over 2 days, they managed to eke out the edges and got the scalps. Naseem Shah and Shaheen Afridi showed that pace matters as the Lankans were caught hopping in the crease. The 16-year old Naseem will be hoping he gets at least two out of the remaining three wickets, if not all three, for his maiden Test 5-for.

  • 6:09 PM IST

    Another day which has belonged to the hosts. They stamped their authority right from the first ball of Day 4 and hammered 160 runs in the opening session. Then, to everyone’s surprise, they declared during the Lunch break, catching everyone off guard. The result of that was having the Lankans 5 down for 97 but a rearguard 104-run stand between Dickwella and Oshada has taken this into the fifth day.

  • 6:07 PM IST

    One has got to feel for Niroshan Dickwella and Oshada Fernando. The duo did well to almost see off the entire session but with 13 minutes left in the day’s play, Dickwella fell and in the final over, Dilruwan perished. Sri Lanka may not have had a realistic chance of winning this but had they got both Oshada and Dickwella in on Monday, they might have made a better attempt in making Pakistan earn their win.

  • 6:03 PM IST

    60.1 Naseem Shah to Dilruwan Perera, out, OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! A wicket and that will be it for the day! Naseem gets his third and Pakistan are just 3 wickets away from a win. Although, they will need to come on Day 5 to earn that. A typical tail-ender’s dismissal. ‘Oh dear. He hit me in the previous ball. Will he fire a bouncer now? It is a bit dark.’ Naseem reads all of these. He smartly bowls a length ball, which is slightly wide outside off. What is so smart about that, do you ask? Mind games. Perera is in two minds whether to play or leave and since this is on a length, thinks he can play. Pushes at the wide one and edges it behind. Naseem is jubilant. What a setup to the tail-ender. STUMPS ON DAY 4!

  • 6:00 PM IST

    59.6 Shaheen Afridi to Oshada Fernando, no run, A beauty to end the over. A length ball outside off, OF looks to defend but the ball shapes away and beats the outside edge.

  • 6:00 PM IST

    59.5 Shaheen Afridi to Oshada Fernando, no run, Outside off, left alone.

  • 6:00 PM IST

    59.4 Shaheen Afridi to Oshada Fernando, 2 runs, Down the leg side, flicked towards fine leg for a couple.

  • 5:58 PM IST

    59.3 Shaheen Afridi to Oshada Fernando, FOUR, EDGED, FOUR! MAIDEN TEST TON FOR OSHADA! Not the best way to get it but he will not mind. A length ball outside off, Fernando looks to guide it to third man but the ball takes the outside edge and runs wide of third slip to the third man fence!

  • 5:57 PM IST

    59.2 Shaheen Afridi to Oshada Fernando, no run, Full and outside off, watchfully played out.

  • 5:56 PM IST

    59.1 Shaheen Afridi to Oshada Fernando, no run, Full and outside off, angling away, left alone.

  • 5:56 PM IST

    Shaheen Afridi to bowl again. Might just get only one over. 13-3-45-1 so far.

  • 5:56 PM IST

    58.6 Naseem Shah to Dilruwan Perera, no run, A short ball, down the leg side, Perera just ducks out of harm’s way.

  • 5:55 PM IST

    58.5 Naseem Shah to Dilruwan Perera, no run, Good thinking ball. Sensing that the batsman might expect a short ball, Naseem goes for the yorker. But DP digs it out.

  • 5:53 PM IST

    Dilruwan Perera has called for the physio. Not surprising. Just 8 minutes left in the day’s play. The umpires get together in the meanwhile. The magic spray comes out now. The light is definitely fading.

  • 5:53 PM IST

    58.4 Naseem Shah to Dilruwan Perera, no run, OUCH! That has hurt. A length ball, around middle, Perera looks to tuck it to the leg side but the ball kicks off suddenly, takes the glove and shoots in the air. Babar Azam comes running in from third slip but the ball lands just in front.

  • 5:53 PM IST

    58.3 Naseem Shah to Dilruwan Perera, no run, Around off, solidly defended.

  • 5:53 PM IST

    58.2 Naseem Shah to Dilruwan Perera, FOUR, FOUR! Off the edge. But why isn’t a third slip in place? Full and outside off, Dilruwan reaches out to defend but the ball goes off the outside edge, through the vacant third slip region to the third man fence.

  • 5:53 PM IST

    58.1 Naseem Shah to Dilruwan Perera, no run, Outside off, punched off the back foot.

  • 5:49 PM IST

    57.6 Haris Sohail to Oshada Fernando, no run, Outside off, let through. Once again, a part-timer strikes for Pakistan.

  • 5:49 PM IST

    57.5 Haris Sohail to Oshada Fernando, no run, Around off, watchfully defended.

  • 5:48 PM IST

    57.4 Haris Sohail to Dilruwan Perera, 1 run, Full and on middle, pushed through mid on for a single.

  • 5:47 PM IST

    Dilruwan Perera walks in at number 8, replacing Dickwella.

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