Mahela Jayawardene © AFP
Mahela Jayawardene © AFP


Mar 8, 2014


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(Pakistan take on Sri Lanka in the final of the Asia Cup 2014 tournament. Sri Lanka have been unbeaten in this tournament and Pakistan, will be desperate to maintain their hold on the Asia Cup trophy. Catch live cricket scores of the match in our live blog below.)


There it is, A boundary and a couple from Mathews finishes off the final. Fifth Asia Cup win for Sri Lanka and first since 2008. Brilliant victory. Lasith Malinga started with a five wicket haul. His three wickets in consecutive overs at start set up the match and with 260 to chase, Jayawardene plays a matured innings along with Thirimanne. At least Lanka can behind the final blues.


Mathews picked a single on the second ball. Junaid delivers a leg-side delivery and Chaturanga guided it behind the wicket for a boundary.


And there it is. Thirimanne is bowled by Ajmal for 101. Chaturanga is the new batsman in. Ajmal tosses one up but he defends it. A serious Ajmal indicates to the batsmen he could have lofted it out of the park!
OUT! Thirimanne 101(108)






Angelo Mathews has some fun with a lofted shot on the first ball of the Junaid Khan over for a boundary. All eyes were oon Thirimanne who just nudged one on the leg-side and ran for a single to complete his third ODI hundred (second in this tournament). He started of the tournament with a ton and finishes with one as well. Has cemented his spot as opener. 14 runs needed in 36 balls.



Hafeez continues. The batsmen work around the gaps and pick six singles in the over. 22 runs needed in 42 balls. Thirimanne is on 99.


Poor shot from Priyanjan. It was a good length ball and he tried to guide it towards thirdman and edged it to keeper Akmal. He had hit a boundary earlier towards long-on boundary. A calm and composed Angelo Mathews comes in to bat.
OUT! Priyanjan 13(18)


Priyanjan heaves the third ball over midwicket and picked a couple. Three more singles ensues in the last three deliveries. 32 runs needed in 54 balls.


Misbah persisting with Talha and the run flow continues. A fuller delivery from Talha and Thirimanne guides it past thirdman for a boundary. Two singles in that over as well. 37 runs required in 60 balls. Too easy for Sri Lanka.


The batsmen are not at all interested in scoring off Ajmal. Just one run from that over.


Needless shot from Jayawardene. He was dropped once after reaching his half-century. Even this time he goes for a big shot and the ball went high in the air. Sharjeel settles underneath it and manages to latch on to it. Ashan Priyanjan gets a loose delivery pitched wide and he dispatches it for a boundary. The 156-run stand comes to an end.
OUT! Jayawardene 75(93)


Jaywardene takes the third ball on the full and sweeps Ajmal for a boundary. These two batsmen are dominating the match now. Sri Lanka are cruising towards victory. Sri Lanka need 49 runs in 13 overs.


Mohammad Talha is leaking runs. Three singles in the first three balls of the powerplay. And then bowls a wide which is a no-ball. Jayawardene gets to take a free-hit and he squeezes a fuller length ball past extra cover for a boundary. He goes for a pull on the fiufth ball and it flies past the keeper for another boundary. 150 partnership comes up.



Saeed Ajmal back again and it’s the same strategy of playing him out cautiously. Jayawardene did well to place the first ball behind the wickets for a couple.



Dropped! Jayawardene goes for a six with a pull shot. The ball goes high in the air and Hafeez sprints from deep squareleg dives, gets his hand underneath the ball but can’t hold on to it. Lucky escape for Jayawardene. Earlier he completed his half-century with a boundary. There was enough width to ut it past point for a boundary.


Afridi is getting some turn here. But the two batsmen are settled. The last ball of the over is tossed up and Thirimanne smashes it through covers for a boundary.


Thirimanne has been in brilliant touch. He cleverly guides the ball delicately past thirdmab for a boundary. The next ball is defended by Thirimanne and Gull has a word or two. The two are involved in a verbal duel. Jayawardene calms down the situation by patting Gul and sending him back. Drinks. (Much needed to cool things down)


Afridi comes back into the attack. Thirimanne glides the third ball past short thirdman. Jayawardene was almost touching the strikers end when Thirimanne set off for the single. Thankfully Gul failed to field completely. They go through for a quick leg bye on the fifth ball.


Jayawardene closing in on a valuable half-century. Four runs from that over by Umar Gul. 97 runs needed from 20 overs.


This time around, Jayawardene takes no chances. Two runs come in the form of wides and he takes a single on the last ball.


All the pressure from Ajmal is undone with Junaid giving away width to Thirimanne. He just cuts it past point for a boundary. Three singles in rest of the over. 100 partnership comes in just 103 balls.



Tidy over from Saeed Ajmal. The wayward bowling has forced Misbah to bring back Ajmal. Concedes just two from the over. These two have done well to score off other bowlers which allows them the luxury to play out Ajmal defensively.






Pakistan fielding has been a touch lazy. The tight singles have been made to look comfortable for Lanka. Three runs from that over from Junaid Khan.


Mohammad Talha has been pretty ordinary. Wayward line and Thirimanne flicks it for a boundary. Five singles in the other five deliveries. Easy runs for Sri Lanka. The partnership is blooming. Time for Ajmal or Gul to come back?


Pakistan are busy considering easy runs. Talha stops the fifth ball with his legs, Sharjeel backs him and fails to collect the ball cleanly. The batsmen run three! Five runs overall from that Junaid Khan over.






Half-century for Jayawardene. On the first ball of the over by Talha, he deliberately places the ball past the vacant slip region for a four. Picks a single on the next ball to complete fifty. Sri lanka require 130 runs in 27 overs.


Jayawardene starting to play his trademark shots, the third ball of the over by Afridi is delicately placed to the right of short thirdman for four.






Pakistan have ensured there’s something funny at regular intervals, after that Sharjeel catch going down, Umar Gul fails to collect the ball and allows it to run past the boundary. Hafeez is furious.


Dropped! Thirimanne tried to guide the ball behind the wicket on the fourth ball of that Afridi over. But Akmal drops it. Afridi is furious. Jayawardene on the last ball of the over comes down the track and doesn’t offer any sot, allows the ball to hit his pads. Afridi goes for the appeal but no reaction from the umpire.


The first ball of the over was in the slot and Jayawardene went for the swing and sent it over midwicket for a four. he was beaten on the third ball and then went for a tight single. Confusion while running between the wickets but no damage done.


Jayawardene survives! Third ball after the drinks break from Afridi, Jayawardene was beaten on his defense and Akmal appealed vociferously for a caught behind, even slip fielder Hafeez appealed but Afridi showed no reaction. The next ball is short and Jayawardene rocks on to the backfoot, smashes it over midwicket for a six.


Mohammad Hafeez comes back into the attack. Jayawardene tries to work him through the gaps. He finally manages to pick a single on the fifth ball playing behind the wickets. Drinks Break


Poor captaincy helps Jayawardene escape. He was on the front foot but didn’t read the length from Shahid Afridi, he got an outside edge and the ball flew past slip for f our. It was a regulation catch if slip was there. Sri Lanka need 175 runs in 204 balls.


Jayawardene was not reading Ajmal well. And he goes back to playing the ball late. On the fourth ball Jayawardene glides the ball past slip and short thirdman for four. Clever shot.


Erratic start from Mohammad Talha in the first over. The third ball was short and on the legside, Thirimanne just guided it for a boundary. Even on the last ball, Thirimanne just got the ball to deflect of the bat for a four.



Tidy over from Saeed Ajmal. An out of form Jayawardene extremely cautious against Pakistan’s trump card. Maiden over.


Jayawardene was almost run-out on the first ball attempting a tight single. Thirimanne on the fourth ball goes through with an aerial pull shot and gets a boundary.


Ajmal has changed the momentum of the match in just two deliveries! A good length ball brings Perera forward, there is just enough turn to beat Perera and Akmal finishes the stumping. And the big fish Sangakkara too is gone for a golden duck. A straighter one hits him on the pads and umpire Llong confidently raises his finger. Jayawardene almost misses the wrong one and his hit high on the pad.He gets a single on the fourth ball. Thirimanne works the fifth one behind the wicket for a boundary.
OUT! K Perera 42(37), Sangakkara 0(1)


The catch that Sharjeel messed up  Photo Courtesy
Time for Junaid to face the brunt. The second ball is pulled and pulled with enormous power by Perera. A funny moment for Pakistan follows. Perera pulls the ball high in the air and Sharjeel gets underneath the delivery, catches it and then steps on the boundary! Chance gone begging.


Saeed Ajmal has been used pretty late in the innings, but this blazing start has forced Misbah to bring Ajmal. Perera doesn’t get the length to go underneath the ball. A loud leg-before appeal ensues on the fourth ball but he survives.


Thirimanne picks a run from the second ball of the over by Junaid Khan. Perera then continues with his shots, goes for a front-foot pull. He is nowhere in control but manages to clear mid-on and picks a couple.



Perera is in a hurry. The fifth ball is just pushed off the backfoot past mid-off and it runs away for a boundary.


There’s nothing to stop Perera here. He was trying to go for the ball initially but didn’t get hold of it. On the third ball it was just short and Perera latched on to it quickly and pulled it for four. The fifth ball was fullish, bowled over the wicket and Perera goes through with the lofted shot. It goes high over mid-on and lands inches inside the boundary. Misbah runs across and stoops it They run two. The last ball is wayward and Perera guides it to the right of short fineleg for four.



Perera goes for a sweep and the ball hits his shoulders. A huge appeal for leg-before but Nigel Llong turns it down. Three runs from that over.


Runs flowing for Sri Lanka. The first ball was hit past point for four. The fourth ball of the over is wide and Thirimanne slashes it and the ball flies past the edge over slips for a boundary.


Interesting battle between Perera and Hafeez. Thirimanne picks a single on the first ball. Perera then plays fine behind the wicket. Gul at legslip fields well. Perera then goes down on one knee and smacks over the infield on the legside for a couple and then the jab sees the ball sprint past midwicket for four.Excellent timing.



Kusal Perera has one more reason to perform today. The batsman he admires — Sanath Jayasuriya is there to watch. The first ball is pitched up by Gul and Perera shows full face of the bat and the ball screams towards the fence for four. Gul had dismissed Perera in the first match of the tournament they had faced. Thirimanne smashed the fifth ball past point. Shehzad puts a hand to it and the next thing you know, he was walking out of the field with an ice bag on the wrist.


Mohammad Hafeez is now an established opening bowler! Kusal Perera defends on the first ball and picks a single on the second playing towards squareleg. Thirimanne is content coming behind the line and defending solidly.





Malinga bowls the last over. The first ball is played in the gap for a couple. Singles on the next two balls. Akmal then goes for a big heave and the leading edge flies in the air, caught well by Priyanjan. Seventh five-wicket haul for Malinga. Fawad Alam ends at 114 in 134 balls.
OUT! U Akmal 59(42)


It was a relatively quiet over from Lakmal but the last ball of the over was a full toss and Fawad lofted it, lands safely and runs to the boundary.


Maiden ODI hundred for Fawad Alam. He flicks the first ball of the over by Thisara Perera for a six over midwicket and gets to his ton. On the fifth ball Akmal squeezes a fuller delivery past short thirdman and point for a boundary. Gets to his fifty. The last ball is smashed to the right of mid-off for a boundary. Hundred partnership comes up.





The first ball from Malinga is hit uppishly and Fawad Alam is almost caught by Chaturanga de Silva. Akmal on the second ball swings one over mid-wicket for a boundary. He smacks two more boundaries on the last two balls of the Malinga over. 15 runs from the over.


Angelo Mathews brings himself on. The first ball was hit wide in the deep midwicket region for a couple. Concedes a wide on the third ball. Fawad picks two more. Good running between the wickets. nine runs from the over.


Pakistan are happy dealing in singles since the last three overs. There’s no aggressive intent to clear the field. Once again a six-run over — all singles.



Thisara Perera has usually been expensive in the death overs but in this over he improved his length and has been a light fuller. Against Fawad he kept it full and wide making it difficult to come underneath the ball and loft them. Six singles from six balls again.



Both the batsmen are content dealing in singles against Lasith Malinga trying to work him in the gaps. Fawad had slapped one past point but the fielder did well to stop it and restrict to one. Six singles in six balls.



Excellent batting from Fawad Alam, he misses the ball going for a big hit on the first and the third delivery. But on the second one he goes down on a knee and smacks the ball over long-on for a six. The ball teased Angelo Mathews in the deep to fall inches behind the boundary. Follows it up with a short arm jab past the mid-wicket fielder for a four. Pakistan are surging ahead now. Expensive over from Suraga Lakmal. 14 runs from it.



Talent of Umar Akmal in full display. His comes down the track and clears mid-off for a boundary. On the next ball, he shuffles a bit and makes room to cut it past point for a boundary. Perera looks unsettled and concedes a wide. 11 runs in that over.


Akmal places the first ball towards thirdman and they sprint for a couple. A defensive shot followed by a single for Akmal. Mathews ponders over field changes for a long time after the third delivery. Lakmal keeps the length full and Fawad digs it out on the off for a single. Akmal works the last ball towards deep fineleg for a single. Lakmal and Malinga have six overs left together in the last 10. Well planned bowling changes from Mathews. 34 scored from the batting powerplay.



Malinga continues with his fuller deliveries. Fawad has started throwing his bat for almost everything. Umar Akmal is trying to be watchful before unleashing himself.


Senanayake has been erratic. He comes round the wicket and angles it into the left-hander. Fawad smacks it in the gap for a boundary. Umar Akmal places the third ball and the two run a quick couple. Gets two more on the fourth


And there comes a wicket. Malinga strikes again. A fuller delivery and Misbah lofts it over the bowler’s head. The long-on fielder was straightish and comfortable caught the ball. With short boundaries, if Misbah had punched it with more authority would have cleared the shortish boundary. New batsman, Umar Akmal gets a nice toe-crusher first up.
OUT! Misbah 65(98)



Misbah gets a single on the first ball. Fawad on the third one from Senanayake swings over mid-on for a boundary. Picks a single on he next ball playing behind the wicket. Misbah on the penultimate ball hits a huge six over mid-wicket. Gets an appreciation from Zaheer Abbas. 13 runs from the first over of the powerplay.


Good start from lakmal post drinks break. Two yorkers on the first two deliveries.On the first one, Misnah is hist on the foot and the Lankans appeal vociferously. Five consecutive dot balls. A fuller length on the last ball and Misbah plays it straight behind the wicket for a single.


Fifty up for Fawad Alam. His sixth in ODIs. On the first ball of the over from Thisara Perera he goes for a wild swing over long-on, manages to get the connection and the ball lands just behind the ropes for a six. Three singles in the next three balls. Misbah picks one more on the last ball. Drinks Break.


The first ball by Suranga Lakmal is wide on the off-side and Fawad fails to connect. On the third one, he comes down the track and goes for a wild shot on the off, gets an outside edge but a diving Sangakkara can’t collect it completely. Tough chance. Single ensues. Two more runs from the over. The gatsmen are trying to go for the big shots and the Lankan bowlers have done well to keep it disciplined.


Fawad goes for a sweep shot on the first ball, uppishly played but lands well ahead of the fielder. our more singles in that over from Senanayake.


Misbah kneels down on one knee and sweeps the first ball fine behind the wicket for a boundary. Attempts a similar shot but the ball is too closer to his body, Fawad backs up too much at the non-strikers end. A similar sweep shot ensues on the fifth ball and gets one more boundary. Expensive over from Chaturanga de Silva. On the last over, once again Fawad backs up too much for a non-existent single. Fifty for Misbah-ul-Haq.



Single for Misbah on the first ball of the over. Fawad with his not so steady stance finds it difficult to get it past square on the off-side. On the last ball of the over, Misbah was short of his crease and managed to survive as the fielder failed to get a direct hit.


Three runs from the over by Chaturanga de Silva. The runs have been hard to come by. The partnership is now worth 75 runs but still no acceleration in sight.



Fawad gets a single on the first ball, Misbah then plays with soft hands but struggles to get the ball in the gaps. Finally gets a single. Two from that Senanayake over.



The first ball is defended by Misbah and then gets a single. Fawad rotates the strike with a single playing towards deep covers. Misbah then goes for a casual drive back past the bowler, almost gave a return catch. Flew towards the left of the bowler. A tight single ensues on the last ball. Four runs from the over by by Chaturanga de Silva.


Single on the second ball for Misbah. On the third one, Fawad goes for tight single playing on the off, Misbah is late to react but completes the run. Single on the next ball for Misbah as well.


Chaturanga de Silva is into the attack. Fawad picks a single on the second ball. Misbah tries to go for a reverse sweep on the fourth ball but misses the ball completely. Thirdman was inside the circle, so a clever shot to play. Gets a single on the last ball.


Finally a bowling change. Senanayake comes back. A single on the second ball for Misbah. Fawad goes for a pre-meditated sweep on the fourth ball and it lobs up high and runs beyond the wicketkeeper’s head. A couple for Fawad. The last ball is placed in the gaps on the leg-side for a couple.



Good shot to start the over of Angelo Mathews. Fawad Alam comes down and hits the ball past mid-off for a boundary. Two singles apart from that boundary.


A single on the first two balls. Fawad defends the next two deliveries and picks a single on the fifth ball. A powerful heave by Misbah on the last ball helps the ball land well beyond the boundary. Have the batsmen decided to make the move ahead?






Bruce Oxenford grants Misbah a life! The third ball of the over by Thisara Perera is at a good length and Misbah tries too guide it to thirdman without much footwork. He gets a faint edge and Sri Lankans were yelling for that to be given out. Bruce Oxenford turns it down. Misbah looks up to the sky and laughs. Two runs from that over.



Three singles from that over. Misbah hasn’t been very free-flowing, still finding tough to find the gaps. Nevertheless, two medium pace seamers Perera and Mathews have done a good job.



Arun Lal produces a stat mantra for Pakistan:  Whenever Misbah gets run-out, Pakistan have never lost. Six wins and one tie so far! Wonder whether Pakistan would want to watch that heartbreak for the third time in a single tournament.


Fawad hasn’t timed the ball well today. Once again plays a shot but the ball doesn’t travel far coming from the bottom half of the bat. Mathews has been excellent along with Perera. Just two runs from it.


Singles on the second and third ball. A run each to Fawad and Misbah. On the fourth ball, Fawad runs after a wide one, gets a bottom edge and runs towards Sangakkara. And umpire Nigel Llong signals it as wide! Some issue with umpires hearing the nick in this tournament. Has happened more than once now. Fifty up for Pakistan.


First ball after drinks break is worked towards thirdman by Misbah for a single. Fawad gets a single on the fifth with a flick shot.


Msibah picks a single on the second ball playing past point. Fawad with his shuffling stance finds it tough to get his shots past fielders. Gets a single on the fifth ball playing towards the vacant midwicket region. The last ball is worked by Misbah for a single. Three runs from the over. Drinks Break.


It’s customary of Pakistan these days to be involved in run-outs. Fawad plays the penultimate ball from Mathews towards mid-on and runs for a single. Misbah had sent him back in time and Fawad casually ambles back. Could have been tight. Earlier Fawad had picked a couple with a flick on the third ball.


The first ball by Perera is played uppishly by Fawad towards thirdman and takes a single. Misbah is watchful on the remaining deliveries. He comes down the track on the fufth ball but doesn’t go after the ball.






After an ordinary over from Senanayake, skipper Angelo Mathews comes in to bowl. Shortish run-up and medium pace. Misbah is tied down. Maiden over again.


Maiden over by Thisara Perera who replaced Suranga Lakmal. Fawad Alam finds it difficylt to work the ball away. Good line maintained by Perera in his first over.


The first ball is worked away towards midwicket by Fawad for no run. The second ball is short and wide by Senanayake, Fawad slaps it past point for a boundary. He picks a single on the fifth ball. On the last delivery, Misbah plays a confident drive through the extra-cover for a boundary. Nine runs from the over.


Suranga Lakmal continues. The third ball is worked away by Misbah for a couple. Good effort by the deep backward squareleg fielder. On the next ball he taps the ball towards midwicket and sprints for a single.



It’s been a pattern of Mathews’ captaincy to bring in Senanayake early on. Fawad Alam plays a beautiful cover-drive on the third ball for a boundary. Well timed. It was flighted and the batsman was not afraid to go after it.




Three wickets for 18. All three batsmen out for rash shots. Misbah battling it out! Isn’t this the erratic version of Pakistan. Meanwhile on the other side, the curly haired Malinga is back to bowling the inswingers and fuller deliveries.


Misbah-ul-Haq cautious against Suranga Lakmal. He bowls at a good length. Doesn’t concede any drivable deliveries. Maiden over.



Malinga continues. The first ball is towards the leg-side. Misbah works the second ball towards midwicket for a single. Fawad Alam with his shuffling stance looks like a prime candidate to be a victim for Malinga’s fuller deliveries. Does well to defend but he is yet to get off the mark.


Suranga Lakmal is doing a good job keeping it tight from the other end. Misbah survived on the third ball. It cut back in and almost kissed the bails. He picks a single on the fourth ball. Fawad Alam with his unorthodox batting stance manages to see off the last two.





Malinga is surprised now! Pakistan and conceding easy wickets. Hafeez is squared up against a good length delivery and blindly keeps his bat dangling. The edge is taken by Sangakkara. Fawad Alam, the new batsman shuffles across on the first ball and almost got out leg-before.
OUT! Hafeez 3(13)







Dropped! Hafeez almost had a brain freeze situation. The second ball was cut straight past point. Senanayake dives and gets both hands to it but fails to keep it under control. Hafeez was beaten going for a straight drive on the fourth ball. Maiden over from Lakmal. Pakistan need to relax



Malinga’s disciplined line forces Hafeez to go on the defensive. The last ball is flicked well towards the midwicket boundary. A relay through saves the boundary but the batsmen run three. On the last ball, Shehzad goes for a drive on the up. Poor thinking. Plays far away from the boundary and the edge is neatly collected by Sangakkara.
OUT! Shehzad 5(7)






Shehzad’s first scoring shot is a slash over point and runs towards the boundary for four. He follows it up with another crisp drive through covers but Ashan Priyanjan does a brilliant job to get a hand to it. Hafeez picks a single through a wayward legside delivery. The last ball is a yorker and well defended by Shehzad.



Entertaining start to the final! Malinga was been jolted as he started off with an over-pitched delivery. Sharjeel drives it on the up between point and cover for a boundary. He defends back to the bowler on the second and then punch one off the backfoot for a boundary through the off. The last ball was the typical full inswinger from Malinga, Sharjeel flicks it straight to Thisara Perera at mid-on.
OUT! Sharjeel 8(6),





Toss:  Pakistan have won the toss and elected to bat first


Sharjeel Khan replaces Shoaib Maqsood, Junaid Khan comes back for Abdur Rahman. Big decision from Sri Lanka, Suranga Lakmal stays in the playing XI but Ajantha Mendis is out! And Lasith Malinga is back.


Sri Lanka: Angelo Mathews (c), Kusal Perera, Lahiru Thirimanne, Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Mahela Jayawardene, Ashan Priyanjan, Chaturanga de Silva, Thisara Perera, Sachithra Senanyake, Lasith Malinga, Suranga Lakmal.


Pakistan: Fawad Alam, Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Hafeez, Ahmed Shehzad, Misbah-ul-Haq (c), Umar Akmal (wk), Shahid Afridi, Mohammad Talha, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Junaid Khan.




Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the final of the Asia Cup 2014. Pakistan, the defending champions, will take a rampaging Sri Lankan side in the summit clash of this edition of the tournament.


Pakistan have been struck with injuries as their star players Shahid Afridi and Umar Gul are nursing niggles, alongwith their opening batsmen Sharjeel Khan and Ahmed Shehzad. Sri Lanka, on the other hand, will be riding high on confidence as they have not lost a single game in the tournament so far. This is Abhijit Banare, and I will be bringing you over-by-over updates of this match.


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Sri Lanka: Angelo Mathews (c), Kushal Perera, Lahiru Thirimanne, Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Mahela Jayawardene, Dinesh Chandimal, Ashan Priyanjan, Chathuranga de Silva, Sachithra Senanayake, Lasith Malinga, Thisara Perera, Suranga Lakmal, Dhammika Prasad, Ajantha Mendis.


Pakistan: Misbah-ul-Haq (c), Ahmed Shehzad, Sharjeel Khan, Mohammad Hafeez, Umar Akmal (wk), Sohaib Maqsood, Fawad Alam, Shahid Afridi, Saeed Ajmal, Umar Gul, Abdul Rehman, Junaid Khan, Mohammad Talha, Bilawal Bhatti, Anwar Ali.


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