sunil gavaskar
Sunil Gavaskar © Getty Images


Jul 5, 2014


Recently, Maria Sharapova caused extreme outrage among Indian fans by claiming that she did not know Sachin Tendulkar. Her ignorance could be justified owing to the fact that she is a Russian brought up in USA – two countries where cricket is not popular. However, there is another interesting incident of a famous personality not knowing about a top cricketer.



A long time back, Pakistani singer late Noor Jahan denied knowing about Sunil Gavaskar. “During India’s tour of  Pakistan in 1978, Noor jahan had arrived to witness the Test match and when one Pakistani official tried to  introduce Sunil Gavaskar as India’s most popular batsman, Noor Jahan had said, “I don’t know any Sunil Gavaskar, I only know Zaheer Abbas!”, game statistician Sudhir Vaidya was quoted as saying by


What is more interesting is that unlike Tendulkar, Gavaskar chose to retort with, ”Who Noor Jahan? I know only Lata Mangeshkar.”