Najam Sethi is the current PCB chairman © AFP
Najam Sethi is the current PCB chairman © AFP


Karachi: Feb 13, 2014


The Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Najam Sethi has told his predecessor, Zaka Ashraf that if they were any misdeeds and mismanagement in his tenure they would be made public.


Sethi’s stark warning came on a television show when both the PCB chief’s came face to face with each other for the first time since the government dismissed Ashraf and dissolved the board’s governing board last Monday and instead appointed a managing committee to run cricket affairs in the country.


The committee has selected Sethi as its Chairman and that of the board.


Sethi came on line on the show just after Ashraf had complained about being removed unconstitutionally and illegally and insisted he had been elected as Chairman and than also reinstated by the Islamabad high court.


Sethi was to the point with some candid comments in Ashraf’s presence.


“The constitution that Zaka Ashraf had made was just to get himself elected for a four year term. The constitution was made for Zaka not the cricket board,” Sethi said.


Sethi said the entire election process held by Ashraf was controversial and he had got himself selected not elected.


“I can tell you this that the government has given me and the MC the mandate and task to prepare a new constitution for the board which will be more democratic and hold officials accountable,” he said.


When Ashraf told Sethi that there was nothing personal between them and that they were friends, Sethi retorted: “I have been listening to whatever you have been saying for the last few days on different channels.”


“But let me tell you this whatever your misdeeds or mismanagement in the board it will also be made public. There is no question of this not happening,” Sethi said.


Ashraf is accused of financial mismanagement, illegal and political appointments and misusing his authority.


While Sethi has been favored by the present government of Nawaz Sharif, Ashraf was appointed as board Chairman in 2011 by the then President Asif Zardari.


Sethi also said that he had come to know all that Ashraf had said at the ICC meetings held to discuss and decide on the restructuring of the world body and he would also make these public soon.