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Karachi: Apr 9, 2014


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and newly-appointed chief selector Rashid Latif reportedly have different opinions regarding the introduction of Pakistan‘s former captain Mohammad Yousuf in the selection panel.


The PCB had reportedly given five names to Latif for selecting his panel, but he opted to choose only two of them including Yousuf, which has led to insecurity among the senior players of Pakistan, who then tried to pressurize the board not to appoint him.


According to the Express Tribune, an official who knows about the matter said that there is a definite deadlock between the top PCB management and Latif over Yousuf’s induction in the panel.


The official said that although the PCB itself has got reservations regarding Yousuf, but some of the senior players of the team are persuading the board not to induct the batsmen in the panel.


The official further added that the board does not have any reservations against Latif because he is someone with a clean chit, but there are some issues with one of the members of his proposed team.


Yousuf has reportedly been criticizing the likes of Shahid Afridi, Misbah-ul Haq, Mohammad Hafeez and Umar Akmal openly in recent months and there had also been certain grudges during his playing days with the current senior lot.


The PCB thus faces a difficult situation because they feel that Yousuf’s past record may hinder the partiality of selection and he may settle personal scores rather than make objective decisions, the report added.