Danish Kaneria has been going through a tough phase in his personal life for long    Getty Images
Danish Kaneria has been going through a tough phase in his personal life for long Getty Images

Pakistan‘s cricket authorities have finally shown some sympathy for banned Test leg-spinner, Danish Kaneria and offered to help him find a well-paying permanent employment in a cricket playing department. According to sources in Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the offer was made when a Hindu member of parliament, Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, who belongs to the ruling PML-N, raised the issue of the life ban imposed on Kaneria by the England and Wales Cricket Board and PCB doing nothing to support him. ALSO READ: Banned Danish Kaneria appeals to BCCI for help

The MNA and other members of a National Assembly standing committee on inter-provincial coordination which met recently to discuss cricket matters took the PCB to task for its treatment of Kaneria, who played 61 Tests for Pakistan before he was banned for life by the England Cricket Board (ECB) four years ago after a hearing in England.

“Yes the MNA and others did raise an issue with the fact that Kaneria who had served Pakistan cricket for so long was without any job because of the ban imposed on him and was finding it difficult to make ends meet,” revealed one source. He said the PCB had then assured the MNA it would help Kaneria and find him a well paying employment in a department so that he could earn a livelihood and not face financial hardships.

“But the MNA insisted that the PCB should give him a cricket related job and this is not possible since the life ban on him by the ECB means he can’t have anything to do with cricket after being found guilty of corruption,” said the source.

Kaneria is not allowed to take part in any cricket activity in Pakistan.

“The MNA insisted that the PCB should allow some relaxation to Kaneria and atleast allow him to resume playing domestic and league cricket. But we explained to him the ban was imposed on him by the ECB not us and as members of the ICC we are bound to also enforce the decision of the ECB. We also explained to him that Kaneria had tried the options of appeal available him,” stated the source.

Kaneria, who took 261 wickets with his leg-spin, was banned in June, 2012 for corruption while playing for Essex in the English county championship.

The ECB has presently filed cases in courts in London and Karachi to get Kaneria to pay the costs the ECB had to bear on the disciplinary and appeal hearings pertaining to his case.

Another well-informed source told that Kaneria was now also looking to reach a compromise to get the life ban imposed on him reduced and was ready to talk to the PCB and ECB to reach a solution.

“But the issue now is that the ECB is insisting that Kaneria first pay the costs of the hearings which is quite hefty in Pakistan currency and the leg-spinner says he is struggling financially”, concluded the source.