Pakistan, PCB, Imran Khan
Former Pakistan captain and Prime Minister Imran Khan. @ AFP

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Wednesday amended it s constitution which will see its patron the Prime Minister less powerful. This is the fourth time in the last 12 years that the PCB constitution has been redrafted.

According to a report in ESPNCricinfo, the latest change means that the Prime Minister, currently former Pakistan captain Imran Khan, has no power to dissolve the board or remove the chairman, with that clause being removed completely, effectively making the PCB an independent body.

According to the new constitution, the Prime Minister will be retained as the patron of the Board, but his power to dictate to it has been curbed. “The Patron may, from time to time, give to the Board general policy directions for its consideration,” clause 5.3 reads.

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The constitution amendment has addressed governance loopholes related to the administration of cricket and the functioning of its governing body.

The patron’s role is now more narrowly worded in Clause 32.5, which reads: “Notwithstanding anything contained in this clause, the Patron in his exclusive discretion to be exercised, for reasons to be recorded in writing, after being reasonably satisfied that there is sufficient evidence of financial mismanagement within the Board, may direct conducting of a special audit of the Board’s accounts. The audit report shall only be submitted to the Patron for his consideration.