Streakers intruding cricket matches is not news and while there are strict rules against any individual to streak in cricket field, in many occasion, the incident turns out to be public entertainment. As it is with the first streaker in the new Perth stadium, public support has helped him gather more than what his fine amount was via a fund-raising event he created.

As per, Ben Jenkins, the streaker, is a former Kalgoorlie City footballer. He claimed to have worn a ‘bone-coloured clothing’ while streaking the field during the final ODI between Australia and England, dodging the officials chasing him during his act before finally being taken down. However, the crowd kept on cheering the man and it converted into a booing once he was down. Here’s what happened:


Following this, Jenkins, plumber by profession, created a fund-raiser on a website. While his daring attempt could have landed him behind the bars, he was charged with a fine of US $ 5,000. In the event description, Jenkins mentioned, “Hoping the good people of Western Australia can throw a couple bucks my way to help pay my 5000 dollar fine”.

Over a period of 48 hours, 262 donations were made, the total amounting to $ 5,415 at the time of writing, way beyond the target.

However, some have shown protest against people wrongly funding towards a baseless cause while some were witty donors. One of them, namely Tom Curran (the authenticity of him being the England cricketer cannot be verified), wrote, “I may have the trophy, but I think you were the real man of the match. Here’s a picture of me trying to tell Rooty how big it is.” and attached a photo of the cricketer.