Peter Siddle to undergo gruesome training session ahead of India tour

Peter Siddle was a victim of false claim from Manpreet Gony in the warm-up game against India ‘A’ © Getty Images

Chennai: Feb 19, 2013

In an unexpected turn of events at the Guru Nanak College on Monday, India ‘A’ got away with a serious breach of spirit of the game in their warm-up match against Australia.

During Australia’s first innings, Peter Siddle flicked left-arm spinner Rakesh Dhruv towards the midwicket boundary. Manpreet Singh Gony, who was fielding at midwicket, fumbled the ball.But, strangely, the ball bounced off the boundary rope and into his fist. Gony’s right leg also seemed to have made contact with the rope and he even went past the boundary line in his momentum, as reported by DNA.

However, he stepped back onto the field and hurled the ball to the bowler who ran Siddle out.

On-field umpire Anil Chaudhary referred it to the third umpire and Siddle was found short of the crease and was adjudged out.

Though this wicket did not have a big impact on the game, it clearly showed the lack of spirit in the home side. Even when the on-field umpire checked with Gony if the ball didn’t go past the boundary line, he came clean and said it wasn’t a boundary.