Phillip Hughes © Getty Images
Phillip Hughes was laid to rest in his hometown of Macksville © Getty Images

Dec 3, 2014

Phillip Hughes’ older brother Jason spoke at his funeral, giving a few touching anecdotes about the left-handed opening batsman who passed away just three days shy of his 26th birthday.

Jason said, “I write this letter to explain to you how much you meant to me. This is the most important letter that I will ever write in my life. I could not have asked for a better little brother, who was a rockstar. You had a homegrown technique. All I wanted was to have you looking up to me as an elder brother. I still can’t believe I am here to bid you the final goodbye.”

“When you were 16 you ran somewhere because you wanted to get a break. There are many stories that I wanted to share but some of the them are not appropriate.”

“From a very young age you were destined to be a rockstar. All I wanted was you to look at me as your big brother. You taught me so much, gave me a strong desire to succeed. You always had to win and keep batting for days. I am glad I played a major part in your achievement. You told me to move to Syndey when I turned 21. I was on the first flight to be a part of the journey,” says Jason Hughes.

“I promise to get back on the horse and play the game we both loved. You always had the looks, you always had the hair. I couldn’t have asked for a better little brother.”

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