Just like he grasps quick wickets, Bhuvneshwar Kumar s love story seems to have picked up the pace. Two days ago, Bhuvneshwar revealed his ladylove, Nupur Nagar, to his fans as promised earlier. On Wednesday evening, the pacer added a ring to it at Greater Noida which was a hush-hush affair. Bhuvneshwar announced his engagement with an emotional message to his fianc e through his instagram account, Rewinding and going back to the happy memories, inspires me to fast forward and dream about the amazing future that lies ahead.

It is understood that both families have known each other for a while. His father Kiran Pal Singh told Times of India, Our families have known each other for a while now, par yeh Bhuvneshwar ki pasand thi (she is Bhuvneshwar s choice). Ussne humein bataya (he informed us) and we were happy. The girl is educated and sweet and the family is very nice too. We are now trying to see when we can have the wedding. Bhuvi is busy with back-to-back series in the coming months but as soon as we find a 10-day window, we will make arrangements.

Kiran Pal Singh wants entire Team India to be present for his son s big day, As soon as the dates are finalised, we will book a venue here in Meerut. But if logistics don t allow that, we will look for some place in Delhi too. Dekhiye, shaadi koi roz-roz toh hoti nahi (Wedding is a once in a lifetime event). This is a special occasion and we want everyone to be there. So we will extend our invitation to all of Bhuvneshwar s teammates from the Indian team. I hope all of them can make it too.

Just like Yuvraj Singh had a winter wedding last year, will it be Bhuvneshwar this time?