If there’s window available, India will be open to playing a five-match Test series on their tour of Australia scheduled for December this year, BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal has said. However, in that scenario, he said, adding extra limited-overs matches will be ideal as they are likely to generate more revenue.

With danger of cancellation lurking over the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup amid the coronavirus crisis, Cricket Australia (CA) is heavily banking upon India’s tour to make up for the massive financial losses it’s expected to suffer.

There have been reports of CA wanting India to play five instead of four Tests they usually Down Under.

But BCCI says a call can only be taken once cricket resumes.

“Once we are sure when cricket will resume, then only will we be able to make a final call on that,” Dhumal told Sydney Morning Herald. “That discussion [on five Tests] took place before the lockdown. If there is a window available it would be up to the boards to decide whether they wanted to go for a Test match or maybe two ODIs or maybe two T20s.”

“Given the revenue loss they will have on account of lockdown, post-lockdown they will want to have revenue and revenue most likely will come from ODIs or T20s much more than a Test match. For any board for that matter, there has been a lot of revenue loss on account of this lockdown and COVID-19, so they would need to think about that,” he added.

The fate of T20 world cup is still uncertain given the travel restrictions and potential logistical nightmare that flying in cricketers and officials from around the world to Australia could pose.

But the prospect of India tour happening is brighter with Dhumal himself positive.

“There is no choice everyone will have to do that. You would want to resume the cricket,” he said.

Indian cricketers will be ready to accept any measures as part of efforts to contain the deadly coronavirus including entering isolation for two weeks.

“Two weeks is not that long a lockdown. That would be ideal for any sportsman because when you are in quarantine for such a long period, then going to another country and having a two-week lockdown it would be a good thing to do. We’ll have to see what the norms are post this lockdown,” Dhumal said.

Dhumal also believes it would “not be wise” to have players effectively returning to international cricket at a global event, if that is the case.

“They will have been out of cricket for a long time. Would you want to be without training for that long and straight away go and play [the] World Cup?” he said. “That is a call every board has to take. It seems to be difficult.”