Former India batsman Gautam Gambhir reckons playing at the international level isn’t a criteria to become a successful coach something which may be important to become a national selector though.

Gambhir says the job of a coach, especially in T20 cricket, is to free the mindset of a player and align it towards achieving particular goals.

“It’s not important that you have played a lot of cricket, for you to be a very successful coach – probably, that’s right for a selector, but not for a coach,” Gambhir said on Star Sports’ Cricket Connected.

“Probably you can just have a different T20 batting coach, just for that particular format. It is really not true that someone who hasn’t played international cricket or who hasn’t played enough cricket, can’t become a successful coach,” he added.

Gambhir, a two-time world cup winner, said that a coach shouldn’t teach a batsman how to play a new shot as it can prove to be detrimental.

“What ultimately a coach does in a T20 format is frees your mindset and feeds your mindset and make you hit those goals and those big shots. No one teaches you how to hit a lap shot or a reverse lap shot, no coach can do that. If someone is trying to do that to a player, he is harming him more than actually making him a better player,” said the cricketer-turned-politician.

Earlier the legendary Yuvraj Singh had called for appointing selectors who have experience of playing international cricket. “I always tell selectors to challenge calls. But if your selectors have played 4-5 ODI matches, their mindset is like that only. These things did not happen when Sourav (Ganguly) or Mahi (MS Dhoni) was captain. We had a very experienced team in the 2011 World Cup (which India won),” he had said.

He also questioned the logic behind choosing Vikram Rathour as India batting coach having not played enough international cricket.