Police confident of breakthrough in Roebuck's death investigation

Peter Roebuck jumped to death from his hotel window on Saturday after police reportedly questioned him on allegations of sexual assault

By CricketCountry Staff

Cape Town: Nov 16, 2011

The South African police has reportedly found vital clues with regards to the death of renowned cricket writer Peter Roebuck. According to media scources, the police has found significant clues on his laptop which may prove to be important breakthrough in the investigation.

According to The Sun, data found on Roebuck s laptop was helping cops piece together the sequence of events which led to the tragedy.

A source close to the newspaper was quoted in Zee News as saying, “Police are confident the laptop will reveal the entire background of this tragic case. The machine s hard drive is being examined.”

Earlier it was reported in the media that Roebuck allegedly wanted to have sex with a Facebook friend against his will, a report claimed on Sunday. Roebuck was being investigated over allegations of indecently assaulting a young man. Police had told Roebuck that a complaint of a sexual nature had been made against him by a friend he met on Facebook, media reports said.

The 55-year-old Roebuck plunged to death from the sixth floor room of his hotel in South Africa where he had gone to cover the Test series between Australia and the Proteas with unconfirmed reports stating that he took the extreme step after being questioned by South African police for alleged sexual assault.

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