Rohit Sharma is my Idol, Would Love to Play For Mumbai Indians: Pranav Dhanawade

When asked about his interaction with Tendulkar, Dhanawade proudly claims that he was invited by the former to his place.

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Rohit Sharma Pranav Dhanawade (Image: Facebook)

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New Delhi: Be it the legendary Sunil Gavaskar or Sachin Tendulkar or Rohit Sharma in recent times, Mumbai has time and again produced innumerable batting greats for India – who have gone on to leave a mark in world cricket. At 15, when Pranav Dhanawade smashed a surreal 1009* in a school cricket match – he took the world by storm as the word of his whirlwind knock had spread far and wide.

Life changed for young Dhanawade, who comes from a humble background as instant recognition poured in. In a chat with Ankit Banerjee of CricketCountry, Dhanawade recalls Tendulkar calling him over for dinner at his residence and gifting him an autographed bat. During the conversation, the now 21-year old also revealed his batting idol and the IPL team he would love to play for someday.

When asked about his interaction with Tendulkar, Dhanawade proudly claims that he was invited by the former to his place. “I am Arjun Tendulkar’s friend and after the knock, I was invited to Sachin’s house. It was like a dream come true for me. He (Sachin) also gifted me a bat and wished me luck.”

Interestingly, contrary to all expectations, Tendulkar does not happen to be Dhanawade’s batting idol, instead, it is Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma. In awe of MI skipper’s lazy elegance, Dhanawade explained the way Rohit builds his innings is something one can learn so much from.

“Rohit Sharma any day. I love the way he builds his innings. He takes his time initially but once he gets his eye in, he is unstoppable. There is so much one can learn from him. I have not met him as yet but would love to,” he added.

Dhanawade, who feels pandemic has set back his cricketing plans, expressed his desire to play for Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League, someday. “Mumbai Indians obviously! I am from this place and I would surely love to be a part of that star-studded unit,” he further added.

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