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Shaw will serve an eight-month ban backdated to 16th March 2019 that will end of November 15th. @ AFP

Prithvi Shaw‘s positive dope test results which saw the prolific Mumbai batsman banned for eight months has entered murky waters. In the BCCI report, it was mentioned that Shaw inadvertently consumed cough syrup that he procured over the counter during a Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy match on February 22 this year at Indore which was found to contain Terbutaline, a banned substance.

Former Mumbai coach Vinayak Samant and physiotherapist Deep Tomar, who were with Shaw along with the rest of the team while the tournament was going on revealed that the batsman did not complain of ‘cough’ or ‘cold’ at any point.

“He had slight fever. But there were no symptoms of cough or cold. Neither did he approach us with any complaints, nor did he ask for remedy. We were available at all times,” both Samant and Tomar were quoted as saying according to a report in the Times of India on Saturday.

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Even the team manager Ganesh Iyer, who was part of the travelling squad, admitted that Shaw “did not approach” him either. “I noticed he had some cold. But he did not come and tell me anything,” he said.

The latest revelations raise more doubts over Shaw’s admissions. Going by the BCCI report which was prepared by the anti-doping manager Abhijit Salvi, with details from National Cricket Academy (NCA) head Toofan Ghosh and head physiotherapist Ashish Kaushik here’s what Shaw did: “He consulted his father, who suggested he visit a pharmacy to obtain a remedy for his symptoms. Shaw visited a local pharmacy close to the hotel in Indore, where a pharmacist recommended to him an over-the-counter syrup that he said would provide immediate relief.”

This statement has raised even further questions. How can the youngster walk out of a team hotel to a nearby chemist and ask for a cough syrup over the counter? The BCCI sensitises its players to be careful what to consume and Shaw should have been well aware of that fact.

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It is a known fact that Shaw is hardly in touch with his father Pankaj Shaw. Instead, according to the report, he is close to his guardian, Shiv Sena MLA from Mumbai Sanjay Potnis, at whose home he has been living for over 10 years. What adds more weight to the doubts was the fact that there was a doctor in the same hotel at Indore, but Shaw chose to speak with his father instead.

“Basically Shaw is admitting he knew most cough syrups contain terbutaline. He knew it but still took it. What is happening here?” sources informed.

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Tomar, the team physio, said, “Prithvi came to me once saying he’s not feeling well, and I asked him to rest. But at no point did he say he has cough or cold”. “It is time Ghosh addresses the media on this issue,” a source said.

Shaw will serve an eight-month ban backdated to 16th March 2019 that will end of November 15th.