Provide financial security to players: Former Pakistan players

Aamir Sohail suggested the PCB to improve the financial benefits cricketers @ AFP

Lahore: Sep 20, 2011

Former Pakistan players have advised the Cricket Board (PCB) to adopt measures to provide financial security to players in order to stop them from getting involved in corrupt practices.

Shahid Afridi, Aamir Sohail and Sarfraz Nawaz gave the advise to the PCB after the reported confession of banned pacer Muhammad Aamer to a crown prosecution court in London that he had indulged in spot-fixing during Pakistan’s tour of England last year.

The trio was also unanimous in their opinion that had the authorities taken action when allegations of match fixing first surfaced in Pakistan cricket, the situation would have been different today.

“It is sad but it a fact that Pakistan cricket’s image has been tainted by these fixing allegations and scandals. The Board needs to do something to prevent such things from happening in future,” Sohail said.

The former Test captain suggested the PCB to improve the financial benefits of not only the national team cricketers but also of those playing on the domestic circuit.

“Unless players get security of job and money in our domestic cricket they will always be susceptible to corruption and bookmakers,” Sohail said.

He said presently they were lot of financial incentives for players who made it to the national team.

“But even then most players are not certain about how long they will play for Pakistan and they are concerned that if out of the national side what will they earn from domestic cricket,” he noted.

“What should have been done in the past is now history. We now must ensure that same mistakes are not reported again,” Sohail added.

Afridi agreed with Sohail and said that in other countries domestic players earn good money compared to Pakistan.

Afridi was of the view that Aamer’s confession would raise more fingers at Pakistan cricket but said it was good that he had spoken the truth.

“I think even if the two other players have something to say, they should say it now. No use of hiding the truth.

Mistakes are made by everyone and you only can learn from them,” he said.

The flamboyant all-rounder also felt that instead of sitting on the issue the PCB should have taken decisive action against those players who were allegedly involved in fixing in the past.

“I don’t know if anyone was really involved but if the Board felt someone was involved they should have taken strict action against him and set a strong example to discourage others from indulging in corruption,” Afridi said.

Nawaz, however, took a potshot at the PCB, saying the Board is to be blamed for the fixing scandals.

“Successive Boards have tried to sweep the issue under the carpet and let go guilty players. It is unfortunate that some players who were even fined by the Justice Qayyum Commission have been given jobs and positions by the PCB instead of censoring them,” he said.(PTI)