Puma Cricket Comes Forward To Help Winston Benjamin With A Heartwarming Gesture
Winston Benjamin (Image Source: Twitter)

Jamaica: Puma Cricket has come forward to help former West Indies cricketer Winston Benjamin who wants to improve the cricket infrastructure in West Indies. Winston, in a recent interview, had requested the cricketing world to come forward and donate cricket equipment which he can distribute to the budding cricketers in West Indies. He had also thanked former India captain Mohammed Azharuddin for sending cricket equipment.

Meanwhile, Benjamin’s request has been heard by Puma Cricket who have promised to send kits for the budding cricketers in West Indies. Puma India replied to a post and confirmed the development. ‘We hear you, Winston. Let’s get these kids padded up,’ replied Puma cricket.


Meanwhile, Puma Cricket’s noble gesture was appreciated by former Indian cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina.


Earlier, in the interview with journalist Vimal Kumar, Benjamin had said that he is not looking for financial help but needs assistance with equipment. “Mr. Tendulkar if you are in a position, could you assist me? Hit me up,” Benjamin had said while sharing his phone number.” “I would like to thank my good friend Mohammad Azharuddin. He sent me some equipment over. Azhar, congratulations! And thank you so much for that assistance. Stay in touch. Anyone else who wants to contribute, feel free.”

“Previously, we used to have a tournament in Sharjah where it used to be like a benefit game for players from different countries. I don’t want benefit. All I want is for somebody to say ‘here is some equipment’ 10-15 bats, that is good enough for me. I don’t want 20000 US dollars. I just want some equipment so that I can give back to youngsters. That’s all I am asking,” Benjamin said in a video shared by veteran sports journalist Vimal Kumar on his YouTube channel.