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  • 11:26 PM IST

    19.5 Rishi Dhawan to Ravindra Jadeja, SIX, Six!

  • 11:26 PM IST

    19.4 Rishi Dhawan to Dwaine Pretorius, 1 run, Very full delivery, around middle, it’s knocked down to long on for a run.

  • 11:25 PM IST

    Dwaine Pretorius is in next.

  • 11:24 PM IST

    19.3 Rishi Dhawan to MS Dhoni, out, OUT! DHONI HOLES OUT! Rishi Dhawan has hit the jackpot with a very poor delivery. Full and down the leg side, Dhoni tries to smash it over square leg but it takes the bottom of the bat and flies to deep mid-wicket. Jonny Bairstow takes the catch and he is the most unpopular man at the Wankhede currently. This game is done and dusted now.

  • 11:24 PM IST

    19.2 Rishi Dhawan to MS Dhoni, no run, A fantastic delivery under pressure. A yorker on middle, Dhoni only manages to dig it out back to the bowler. 20 needed off 4 balls.

  • 11:23 PM IST

    19.2 Rishi Dhawan to MS Dhoni, wide, 1 run, Wide! Huge roar from the crowd. Dhawan attempts to bowl short and wide, Dhoni leaves and the umpire exercises his arms.

  • 11:22 PM IST

    19.1 Rishi Dhawan to MS Dhoni, SIX, SIX! That is out of the ground! The crowd is going mad. MS Dhoni is doing it again. Short and around leg, Dhoni turns and muscles it over backward square leg for a maximum. 21 needed off 5 balls and Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! is echoing at Wankhede.

  • 11:20 PM IST

    Rishi Dhawan (3-0-24-1) to bowl the final over. Can he defend 26 runs? Or will MS reign supreme again?

  • 11:19 PM IST

    18.6 Arshdeep Singh to MS Dhoni, 1 run, Slower one, full and around off, Dhoni hammers it down to long on. The fielder collects it on one bounce and it’s just a single. Another great over by Arshdeep Singh. 27 needed off 6 balls and MS will be on strike.

  • 11:18 PM IST

    18.5 Arshdeep Singh to MS Dhoni, FOUR, FOUR! Boom! A full toss again, wide outside off, MS Dhoni exercises his arms and spanks it wide of long off for a boundary. 28 needed off 7 balls.

  • 11:17 PM IST

    18.4 Arshdeep Singh to Ravindra Jadeja, 1 run, Another low full toss, around middle and leg, Jadeja hits it in front of square on the leg side for one.

  • 11:17 PM IST

    18.3 Arshdeep Singh to MS Dhoni, 1 run, Just short! A wide yorker outside off, MS throws his bat at it and his bottom hand comes off the handle. It flies behind backward point and Rabada perhaps lost it in the lights. He lets it bounce in front of him and then collects the ball. A single is taken.

  • 11:16 PM IST

    18.2 Arshdeep Singh to MS Dhoni, no run, Very full and around off, Dhoni drills it to extra cover and Mayank Agarwal makes a sharp stop. Dot ball. 34 needed off 10 balls.

  • 11:15 PM IST

    18.1 Arshdeep Singh to Ravindra Jadeja, 1 run, A low full toss on middle, Ravindra Jadeja works it through mid-wicket for a run.

  • 11:13 PM IST

    17.6 Kagiso Rabada to MS Dhoni, no run, Spicy bowling! Kagiso Rabada has his tail up. Digs it in short, around off at 136.4 kph, MS Dhoni drops his wrists and allows it through. A couple of great overs from Punjab here and they have gained the upper hand.

  • 11:11 PM IST

    MS Dhoni walks out to bat next. Can he finish things off just like he did in the previous game?

  • 11:11 PM IST

    17.5 Kagiso Rabada to Ambati Rayudu, out, OUT! STUMPS SHATTERED! Kagiso Rabada removes the danger man. The South African speedster brings all his experience into play. Bowled a slower bumper and follows it up with a toe-crushing yorker around leg at 137.3 kph. Ambati Rayudu tries to whip it across the line but misses. It smashes his pads and deflects onto the stumps. End of a wonderful knock from Rayudu but it’s a big blow at this stage for Chennai. 35 needed off 13 balls.

  • 11:10 PM IST

    17.4 Kagiso Rabada to Ambati Rayudu, no run, Play and a miss! Clever deception from Kagiso Rabada. He takes the pace off this short delivery, around off, Ambati Rayudu is deceived and misses the ball. 

  • 11:10 PM IST

    17.3 Kagiso Rabada to Ravindra Jadeja, 1 run, A dipping yorker around off, Ravindra Jadeja digs it out from the inner half of his bat and it races away to deep mid-wicket. Only a run.

  • 11:09 PM IST

    17.2 Kagiso Rabada to Ravindra Jadeja, FOUR, FOUR! What a shot! Jadeja fetches a full ball from a long way outside off and sweeps it through square leg for a boundary. Great connection and placement.

  • 11:09 PM IST

    17.1 Kagiso Rabada to Ambati Rayudu, 1 run, Mishit! Rabada hurls across a full toss around off, Rayudu steps back to play a lofted shot but it comes off the toe end of the bat. It falls safely at wide long off and they get a single.

  • 11:07 PM IST

    Kagiso Rabada to bowl out here. He has figures of 3-0-17-1 so far.

  • 11:07 PM IST

    16.6 Arshdeep Singh to Ravindra Jadeja, 2 runs, Delivers it full and around middle, Jadeja strokes it down the ground and the long off fielder mops it up. They take a couple. Fantastic over by Arshdeep, just 6 runs off it. 41 needed off 18 balls.

  • 11:06 PM IST

    16.5 Arshdeep Singh to Ambati Rayudu, 1 run, Really good bowling. Arshdeep is operating as per his field. A low full toss outside off, Ambati opens the face of his bat and guides it down to deep backward point for one. Can Arshdeep Singh close the over well?

  • 11:05 PM IST

    16.4 Arshdeep Singh to Ambati Rayudu, no run, Arshdeep Singh shows good control and maturity. Fires it full and across the right-hander, outside off, Rayudu swishes and misses.

  • 11:04 PM IST

    16.3 Arshdeep Singh to Ravindra Jadeja, leg byes, 1 run, Spears it full and around leg, Jadeja swings his bat but fails to make any contact. It deflects off his pads to backward point and they cross for a leg bye. A good over so far from Arshdeep.

  • 11:03 PM IST

    16.2 Arshdeep Singh to Ambati Rayudu, 1 run, A wide yorker outside off, Rayudu squeezes it down to deep backward point and rotates the strike.

  • 11:02 PM IST

    16.1 Arshdeep Singh to Ravindra Jadeja, 1 run, A low full toss on middle, Jadeja flicks it through square leg and hands the strike back to his aggressive partner.

  • 10:59 PM IST

    Strategic break. 47 needed now from 24 balls and from here, it’s Chennai’s game to lose, have to say. After losing Ruturaj Gaikwad, Chennai seemed out of the game but what a special knock this has been from Ambati Rayudu! He has put his side right on top of proceedings and has given Mayank Agarwal a headache. Punjab need wickets and they need them quickly in order to salvage this match. Arshdeep Singh (2-0-10-1) is back on. Can he conjure up some magic here?

  • 10:58 PM IST

    15.6 Sandeep Sharma to Ambati Rayudu, FOUR, FOUR! What an over for Chennai! Back of a length, around middle, Rayudu takes a step down the track and powers his pull shot over mid-wicket for a boundary. 23 from the over and this could be the turning point of this chase!

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