R Ashwin admits it's not easy to overcome heavy loses

R Ashwin says wants to keep improving on all fronts © AFP

Mumbai: Feb 15, 2013

Indian all-rounder Ravichandran Ashwin opines that it is very difficult for cricketers to forget heavy loses, and registering big wins after such heavy setbacks is the only way to move ahead.
Ashwin told DNA, “It’s not easy at all to come out of those times. About handing such defeats, I don’t think anybody can conquer that. Probably some big wins might help us overcome those memories, but it’s very tough to forget them. In fact, you may not get over such losses at all.”
Ashwin, who made his debut in June 2010, says he has come a long way in international circuit and wants to keep improving on all fronts.
“I made by debut in June 2010. I haven’t quite had the time to reflect upon what I’ve done so far. Where understanding my game is concerned, it’s something I’ll recommend for myself, not for anybody else. You have to keep improving, for there will be a phase when you are going to lose everything. That’s when you understand your game better,” Ashwin said.
Ashwin revealed that playing in Australia has been one of the most memorable achievements in his career. “Many of these tours have made me a better cricketer and a person. For instance, the tour of Australia. It was a different feeling to get up at 5:30 in the morning and watch matches Down Under. Finally, as a player, I experienced that setting. The grounds are so good, the wickets excellent. It’s the best thing I could ever have imagined, a completely different feel. Not to miss the quality of cricket as well as the opponent,” he said.
Talking about his preparations ahead of any game, Ashwin said, “It’s not about picking up a writing pad wherever I go. I like to prepare well and do my homework before every match. I’m looking to learn and I like to keep on doing different things. I always want to be one step ahead of the opponent, so I try and experiment at the nets.”
Ashwin says he is satisfied with the way he is bowling. “I think I’m in control of what I’m doing. I don’t want to go one step ahead and say: people are wrong or they are right. As long as I’m doing what I can, I’m content. I can’t say that tomorrow I’ll bowl left-arm spin and become a better bowler. That’s what I said, it’s all about perception. As long as I’m doing what I can do, people should be happy with it because I’m happy at the end of the day,” he said.
Talking about his batting performances in the recently-concluded BCCI Corporte Trophy, Ashwin said he won’t say he is enjoying a purple patch as a batsman.
“I would say so. I think my batting has come a long way. Nothing is the best until you follow the standards Hashim Amla or Jacques Kallis have set. It’s not that I’m comparing myself with any of them, but when you talk of achievement and excellence, you have to look at them. I’ve worked on some specific areas, and I’m glad the hard work has paid off,” Ashwin said.
He added, “I didn’t just focus on my batting, I’ve worked hard on my catching and fielding as well. It’s taking a lot of time than it would in the past. It all started off when I put in hours together to polish my game. Now I’ve realised that I need to work smart too. I know exactly what are the different things that go wrong.About batting, it’s all about how you feel about your game – whether you are going on the top of the ball and stuff like that. Yes, I’ve been working on my head position and footwork. I’d say I’ve the courage to attempt things that not many people are willing to do.”