Tired of the continuous harassment they have been facing in Jaipur over the years, Indian Premier League franchise Rajasthan Royals are more than willing in relocate to another city. It has been reported that the poor state of the Rajasthan Cricket Association has been tough to deal with for RR and that they have expressed their desire to shift base to Guwahati.

On Saturday, RR filed a PIL [Public Interest Litigation] regarding the same when a top franchise official narrated the spry plight of the RCA.

“Be it the state’s sports council, under whose aegis the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) falls, the state machinery catering to law and order, the former offices of the RCA itself and political bigwigs in the state… they’ve all collectively given Rajasthan Royals nothing but trouble over the years. Plain harassment, that’s what we’ve suffered,” franchise officials told TOI on Saturday.

The official also stated that the franchise is incurring losses for a number of reasons, including demands such as free tickets and mandatory allotment of seats to RCA.

“The stadium is in a bad state. The newly-elected RCA has just come in and they’ll need time. It has been a mess for quite some time now. Over the years, the RCA has failed to come up with good infrastructure anywhere outside Jaipur,” franchise representatives said.

As for Guwahati, the Baraspara Stadium has hosted a few international matches but it is yet to be confirmed as an IPL venue as of two weeks ago. The PIL filed by RR is understood to be pending on multiple levels, but if and when it goes through, Guwahati may witness its IPL debut this year.