Sanju Samson © IANS (File Photo)
Sanju Samson © IANS (File Photo)


Apr 23, 2014


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Man of the Match Ravindra Jadeja



Tambe tries to go for a scoop shot against a carom ball from Ashwin. Somehow manages to connect and pick a single. Kulkarni then swings wildly for a six. The third ball was wide but Kulkarni poked at it, couple of runs. The next one is slog swept for a maximum. Dhoni runs across to Ashwin. Nine needed from two. Kulkarni swings the fuller one towards long-on. Could have go the couple, but Tambe hesitates and it’s an easy run-out.
OUT! Tambe 2(2)



All over for Rajasthan. Single for Kulkarni on the first ball. Bhatia then tried to go for a wild swing but missed. The next one was miscued and Ashwin took a good catch. Hilfenhaus delivers wide length balls throughout the over.
OUT! Bhatia 23(20)


First ball from Ashwin doesn’t fetch any runs for Rajasthan. Singles on the next three deliveries. The last ball is lofted by Bhatia for a couple. Need 29 in 2 overs.


Kulkarni picks a couple and a single on the first two balls respectively. Bhatia then comes down the track and hammers straight for a six. The last ball is pulled hard by Bhatia in the gap for four. 15 runs from Jadeja’s last over. 4-0-33-4.



Wide first-up by Ashwin and Bhatia picks a single on the next ball. After a dot, Kulkarni picks a single. Single each on the last two deliveries,


Jadeja is running through the Rajasthan batting. Bhatia picks a single on the first ball and then bowls one flat, Southee is bowled. Rajasthan need 54 in 30 balls.
OUT! Southee 4(4)



Conviction matters in an appeal. Faulkner went for a drive against Pandey’s good length delivery. Gets a faint edge, Dhoni thinks it missed the bat but Pandey appeals confidently and Kumar Dharmasena raises his finger. Southee is the new batsman in, pulls the fifth ball of the over for four. Southee tried to late cut and Du Plessis almost pulled off a sharp catch.
OUT! Faulkner 4(2)


First ball from Jadeja was worked away by Bhatia for a single. The next ball, Smith plays an aerial shot and Mohit Sharma came running in from long-off and almost pulled off a blinder. The next one was a wide full-toss and Smith came dwon the track, played it wide of long-off for four. The last ball of the over, Smith gifts a simple catch to Du Plessis at long-off. Jadeja did well to pull his length back.
OUT! Smith 19(20)



Good bowling from Ishwar Pandey. He is still getting the ball to swing and Bhatia struggles to get it away. The fifth ball was played by Bhatia on the backfoot and there’s a slight hesitation for taking the tight single. Manhas hits the stumps at the non-striker’s end. Replays showed he was well in.


Mohit Sharma comes continues. Some cheeky shots and Binny finally pays price for being too aggressive. The partnership was blossoming but Binny tries to go for a big hit, doesn’t get the timing and Faf du Plessis takes a regulation catch.Rajat Bhatia is the new man in.
OUT! Binny 8(11)



That is some quality of missed stumping chacne. Smith was way down the wicket and the ball breached his defense. Dhoni fails to collect, Smith turns back after a while and sees Dhoni will still get him out on the second attempt, still he misses and Smith returns to the crease. A bizarre missed chance.


Despite slower bowlers doing well, Dhoni brings in Mohit Sharma. Single on the first ball and Smith plays towards sweeper cover and takes a couple to bring up the fifty of the team. The fifth ball is a slower short one and Smith works it past short fine-leg for a couple.



Suresh Raina comes in to bowl. He completes his overs quickly. Smith, Binny try to find the gaps and pick singles. Three from it.


Jadeja starts with an excellent delivery. Turns away from Watson at great pace. Watson was forward to it and Dhoni whips off the bails. Replays show his toe was intact in the crease. He read the next ball well and came down to launch it for a six. Tries to repeat the same but miscues it, and Hilfenhaus takes a good catch in the deep. Once again poor batting. Chennai are taking a firm control on this game. And the slide continues. Jadeja tosses it up and Samson tries to play against the spin, gets a leading edge and Jadeja takes an easy catch. Was on a hat-trick but Smith comes down the track and digs the fuller delivery.
OUT! Watson 7(6), Samson 16(16)


Poor thinking. They had secured a momentum thanks to Samson. But Rahane tries to slog sweep Ashwin and hits straight to Mithun Manhas at deep midwicket. Poor shot with that experience. Single from Ashwin’s first over.
OUT! Rahane 15(12)


You’ve got to admire Samson’s abilities. It’s a pressure situation and he is not able to hit fluently. But he stays calm and picks the slower one from Hilfenhaus and hammers it over long-on for six. Dravid is delighted and Watson is elated. Good head position while hitting and the timing has been exceptional. Finishes off the over with another maximum. Brilliant batting.



The first ball from Pandey is neatly timed by Rahane past Jadeja for four. The next ball is worked away on the leg and the batsmen run three. Great tactic from Dhoni. He is standing up to the stumps to Pandey who is swinging away from Samson. Finally gets off the mark with a late drive for a couple.


Hilfenhaus continues. Rahane plays it towards covers. Picks a couple on the second ball with a wristy flick from outside off. Hilfenhaus getting the ball to move away consistently. The good things for the Royals is that they haven’t lost too many wickets early on.



Brainfreeze for Nayar. After a dot ball, goes down the track to hit Ishwar Pandey’s incoming delivery but misses it. Tries a similar one on the next ball, misses yet again. Goes for a single and Rahane turns it down. He was too far down and McCullum runs towards the stumps and dislodges the bails. Samson is the new batsman in. Excellent over from Pandey, a maiden.
OUT! Nayar 5(7)


After a watchful first three deliveries, Rahane flicks the ball aerially over midwicket for four. Saw the length early and was in a good position to hit it. Hilfenhaus trying to get some swing but not much effect on the batsmen. Rahane on the last ball guides it late opening the face of the bat for four.




A couple on the overthrow from Watson from the first ball off Southee. Jadeja then walked across off-stump and Southee delivered further outside off and Jadeja misses. Rajasthan have conceded too many in extras and overthrows. 140 is a par score on this wicket and Chennai have the firepower in their attack.





Single for Jadeja on the first ball. Ashwin then manages to late cut for a four. They pick a couple on the next ball. Faulkner could have easily run Ashwin out off his own bowling but misses the stumps. 12 runs from the over.



Jadeja takes a single and Ashwin plays three dot balls in a row. Finally manages to pull a slower ball for single. Jadeja plays straight to the fielder on the last ball. Three from that Southee over.



The deadly slow overs are over. Bhatia and Tambe have completed their quota. The first ball from Kulkarni, Jadeja goes for a swing and misses. He pulls the next ball for a couple. After a wide, Jadeja manages to pierce the gap between long-on and midwicket for four. Wide on the next three balls!!! Kulkarni seems too worried about the legside field and bowling too outside off-stump.



Watosn bowls the 16th but the batsmen fail to read his pace. Ashwin edges the second ball and tries to go for a single. Samson throws at the stumps but Ashwin was well inside. Jadeja was smart enough to steal a single there.





The first ball by Bhatia was worked away by Jadeja and they set off for a single. Jadeja was looking at the ball, and Manhas at Jadeja. Miscommunication ensues but Bhatia fails to pick up the ball. But Bhatia finally manages to outsmart Manhas with a slower one. The batsman tried to cut it and hits straight to backward point.
OUT! Manhas 10(10)



In the slot for Manhas and he lofts it wide of long-off for a four. Picks a single on the next one. Jaeja then works the ball away on the legside for a couple. Tambe is making this over too complicated. Tries to bowl a wrong one but pitches on the leg, the keeper misses it and five wides for Chennai.


Bhatia continues. The batsmen have no option but to search for gaps in the field and look for singles. Jadeja and Manhas are trying to sit back and guide the ball around. Four from it. Strategic timeout taken.



One more down and it’s the skipper Dhoni now. Tambe delivers a fuller one, Dhoni couldn’t resist but flick it straight to deep square-leg where Faulkner takes the easiest of catches. Mithun Manhas is the new man in. Survives a run–out on the fifth ball going for the second.
OUT! Dhoni 5(8)


Chennai are conceding the wickets than Rajasthan picking up. The ball stopped in front of Dhoni and almost gave a return catch to the bowler. Bhattia missed the tough chance but luckily, the ball greased his fingers and hit the stumps. Du Plessis was run-out. The run scoring seems to have stemmed fro a while now.
OUT! Faf du Plessis 7(9)



Tambe continues. After a single to Dhoni on the first ball, Du Plessis tries the scoop shot. Fails the first time and the ball hits the helmet, but manages it a touch better next time and gets a couple. Another good over from Tambe, five from it.


Gone. This is what is called ‘throwing your wicket away’. Raina was trying to go aggressive despite Chennai cruising along after Smith’s blitz. Bhatia pitched this one wide and fuller, Raina made room wanted to go over covers. Gets a leading edged and Dhawal Kulkarni takes a low catch at short thirdman. Strategic timeout taken after the wicket. MS Dhoni has walked in. Bhatia is bowling his usual variations of slower deliveries.
OUT! Raina 4(9)


Big wicket for Royals. Stuart Binny was brought in to bowl to make it difficult for Smith to hit through but the first ball was hammered over midwicket for a six. But the next one rose from good length and Smith goes for it, gets the leading edge and Watson catches it comfortably at mid-off. Binny was celebrating even before the ball landed in Watson’s palms. Slower bouncer from Binny and Raina almost spooned a catch trying to pull awkwardly.
OUT1 D Smith 50(28)


After the onslaught from Smith, Watson brings leggie Tambe. Bowled a tidy over. On the third ball, he almost had Raina miss the legspinner. A run-out opportunity on the fifth ball but Raina survives. Good throw from Southee from deep thirdman. Two from the over.




Brilliant catch from Smith.









Faulkner delivers a wide on the first ball. McCullum picks a couple on the next. But that’s it for McCullum. Slogs at the third delivery and it goes high in the air. Three fielders were converging on it and Smith pulls off a sensational catch. But that isn’t going to deter Smith. Hammers four consecutive boundaries. Fifty up for CSK and 17 from the over.
OUT! B McCullum 6(10)


After a do ball, Smith once again lofts the length ball from Southee over long-off for a maximum. Run-out opportunity on the fourth ball, McCullum survives. The last ball was fuller and Smith guides it past point and cover for four.


Change of ends for Dhawal Kulkarni. The first ball was full and swinging away, McCullum plays it towards mid-off. Defends on the next one. Forced to defend again to a slower ball. He finally gets to swing one on the fourth, but hits straight to deep midwicket for a single. Smith picks a single on the last ball. Good over from Kulkarni, only two from it.


James Faulkner replaces Kulkarni. Smith tries to flick but the leading edge flies towards thirdman. Tambe in the deep was a touch lazy, could’ve gone for the catch with the ball in the air for a long time. It’s tough to keep Smith away from action for long. The fourth ball was in the slot and Smith swings it for a six over long-on. In the meanwhile McCullum is off the mark with a single.


Tim Southee who replaced Kane Richardson bowls from the other end. The first one is wayward down the leg and Smith flicks it for a couple. Gets back his line with lovely seam position, Smith was beaten once. The fourth one was a well directed yorker. McCullum finally gets strike on the last ball. He tries to charge down and hoick over mid-off, doesn’t get enough bat, lucky that it fell just ahead of the fielder.


Juicy half-volley from Dhawal Kulkarni and Dwayne Smith drives it neatly to start the scoring with a four. Leaves the next two deliveries alone and then plays towards cover. Good swing from Kulkarni. The fifth ball bounced and moved away, Smith was taken aback but the outside edge goes to point.





Toss: Rajasthan Royals win toss, elect to bowl. Both teams happy. Dhoni says he was looking to bat first anyway. One team change for Rajasthan Royals. Tim Southee replaces Kane Richardson. Chennai are unchanged.




Rajasthan Royals: Ajinkya Rahane, Shane Watson (c), Sanju Samson (wk), Stuart Binny, Steven Smith, Abhishek Nayar, James Faulkner, Rajat Bhatia, Tim Southee, Dhawal Kulkarni, Pravin Tambe.


Chennai Super Kings: Brendon McCullum, Dwayne Smith, Suresh Raina, Faf du Plessis, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Mithun Manhas, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohit Sharma, Ben Hilfenhaus, Ishwar Pandey.




Hello and a warm welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the Rajasthan Royals (RR) vs Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Match 10 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2014.  I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing you the live updates of the match. After a win and a loss in their first two matches, the Moneyball team — Rajasthan runs in to a batting-heavy CSK side boasting of Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Faf du Plessis, MS Dhoni in the ranks. But Rajasthan’s low profile should not be mistakes with their abilities. Under inspiration skippers like Shane Warne and Rahul Dravid, this team knows how to pack a big punch effectively.


Both Chennai and Rajasthan played a game each this week. While Chennai Super Kings trounced the dangerous Delhi Daredevils by 93 runs, the Rajasthan Royals found it tough to survive against the challenge of Kings XI Punjab, and lost the match by seven wickets.


Rajasthan have a solid batting line-up as well with youngster Sanju Samson in good nick, Ajinkya Rahane anchoring at the start and some fire in Brad Hodge and Shane Watson.


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