Rameez Raja calls for committee of ex-cricketers to improve Pakistan cricket

Rameez Raja feels former Pakistan cricketers can help shape a better future for the sport in the country © Getty Images

Karachi: Jun 18, 2013

Pakistan‘s former captain Rameez Raja wants a committee of ex-cricketers to be formed immediately to suggest and recommend ways to put the national team back on track following a spate of reverses.

Rameez, who has also been critical after the team’s poor showing in the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 where they failed to win a single match, said that the first step that needed to be taken to get Pakistan cricket out of a crisis was to form a committee of respected former cricketers.

“I would say we should have a committee of respected former cricketers who have no vested interests and they should sit down and prepare a blueprint for how Pakistan cricket can be improved in future,” he said.

Rameez, who has also served as chief executive officer in the board in 2003 and 04, said that drastic but sensible measures were required to prepare a workable blueprint.

“Clearly we need to lay lot of stress on our domestic cricket and find out why we are not producing the sort of quality players like we did in the past,” he said.

“The problem is clearly that the board is laying too much stress on quantity but not on quality and the result is we are just not producing batsmen capable of succeeding in different conditions and pitches,” Rameez said.

The former opener said that Pakistan’s miserable batting performance in South Africa and England was a wake-up call.

“These tours have exposed the weaknesses of our players and even the senior ones who have been playing for a long time now but have yet to really deliver at the highest level and against top opposition,” he said.

Rameez said Pakistan needed to not only restructure its cricket set-up, but also rebuild the national team.

“I think we need to learn from the Indian team how to develop players and how to groom them properly for international competitions,” he stated.