Former Pakistan batsman Ramiz Raja © Getty Images
Former Pakistan batsman Ramiz Raja © Getty Images


Islamabad: Feb 10, 2014


Former Pakistan captain and renowned commentator Ramiz Raja has reportedly called the Pakistan Cricket Board‘s(PCB) decision to abstain from voting on the new reforms presented by the executive board in the crucial International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting as a show of ‘false bravado’.


Raja said that the PCB should have dealt with the ICC reform proposals wisely and taken a pragmatic approach to the stance adopted by the ‘Big Three’, India, Australia and England.


According to the Express Tribune, he said that the PCB decided to take a stand which in principle might have seemed the right thing to abide by, but their decision should also have been grounded in reality and not driven by emotions.


He further said that despite the PCB not getting the deal in their favour, all was not yet lost and a calculated and methodical approach could somewhat help redeem the situation.


Raja said that reforms might actually help improve Test quality, especially in the longest format as Test playing nations would now be automatically divided in two categories, with the weak teams forced to focus hard on improving their standards, the report added.