Ramnaresh Sarwan last played for the West Indies in 2013 © Getty Images
Ramnaresh Sarwan last played for the West Indies in 2013 © Getty Images

Jan 14, 2015

Following the exclusion of West Indies‘ most experienced and talented duo, in the form of former skipper, Dwayne Bravo and explosive, Kieron Pollard; it was Chris Gayle, who blasted out at the WICB. With only a couple of days passed, another West Indies experienced pro lashed out at the board and this time it was Ramnaresh Sarwan. However, the reason seemed to be different and not regarding the duos exclusion, but the boards inability to develop properly for the past 15 years.

He lashed out at the board through his twitter account where he said, “I honestly don’t understand when these people [WICB] keep talking about rebuilding. It’s almost 15 years now we talking about rebuilding when it comes to West Indies cricket, 15 years later we are still rebuilding. I am starting to wonder what really we are building in the Caribbean. No one wants to accept the real problems facing WI cricket.”

“They should ask themselves why we are so good at under-15 and under-19, but at the top level we are not as good. We can keep chopping and changing as much as we want but if we don’t have a proper system is place we would not be able to produce players to perform consistently at international level,” he added.

He also blamed the directors for not taking care of the development of the board and the players. Instead he blamed them for just being concerned about their own profile. “I wonder who they are going to blame for no facilities in the Caribbean. These people who are fighting for positions on the Board just care about profile. We are not getting better but yet for the past 15 years the same directors are looking after WI cricket,” he said.

“Now they say they are going to chop and change until they find the right players, it’s not a quick fix people, it has to be a process. We need facilities in the Caribbean for our players. Cricket is not about just talent anymore. We are so backward, we decided to drop two of our better players because of EGO and because we want to show we are untouchable. Guess the fans mean nothing to these people,” he added.

Sarwan also said that the board needs to step up and put things in the right direction rather than blaming other factors for their down fall. “When John Dyson was the coach, WI cricket looked like it was making baby step forward, steps we haven’t seen before. Then they fire John because he stood up for his senior players, they had a campaign to get rid of the senior players, John did not agree with them. So what they decided to do was get rid of him and bring someone who they can control and agree to screwing up WI cricket,” he said.

“Now they are saying T20 is the reason why our cricket is the way it is. REALLY? We need to accept cricket has evolved and we need to stay with the world. We must appreciate what those guys have done around the world. They keep West Indies cricket alive,” he concluded.