Mumbai Ranji team are the current champions
Mumbai Ranji team are the current champions ( Pic courtesy: CricketCountry )

Ranji Trophy 2016-17 will begin from October 6, 2016 and end on January 11, 2017. This will make this edition of the Ranji Trophy the shortest one. For the first time all matches of the Ranji Trophy will be played at neutral venue. Mumbai are the defending Ranji Trophy champions, this team a total of 28 teams will participate in the tournament. The 83rd edition will see a new entrant in Chhattisgarh, who have been placed in Group C. Group A and Group B will have nine teams each, with 10 teams in Group C. Three teams from each of Group A and B and two sides from Group C will reach the quarterfinals. Quarterfinals will be played from December 17-21, while the semifinals will take place December 27-31. The finals of the Ranji trophy will take place from January 7-11, 2017.

Speaking about teams, speedster Varun Aaron will lead the 15-member Jharkhand team in the upcoming Ranji Trophy commencing from October 6. Verma said middle-order batsman Pratyush Singh will be the only new face in the team, which comprised of seven bowlers, including three spinners. Jharkhand will start their campaign against Maharashtra at Delhi from October 6. For Punjab regular skipper Harbhajan Singh‘s will not participate in the opening match, with Yuvraj Singh being called-in as interim captain for their  Ranji Trophy match against Railways, to be played at the Palam Ground from October 6 to 9.

Saurashtra will miss the services of their key players – Cheteshwar Puajra and Ravindra Jadeja – as the Saurashtra Cricket Association announced the 17-member squad for the first three Ranji Trophy matches. Jaydev Shah, who has broken a record of playing most matches as a captain last year, will lead the side that will play its first game against Rajasthan at Chennai on October 6. With Gautam Gambhir on national duty, batsman Unmukt Chand was today named captain of the 15-member Delhi squad for its first two games in the Ranji Trophy beginning October 6.

Ranji Trophy 2016-17 groups:

Group A: Mumbai, Baroda, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Bengal, Gujarat,Tamil Nadu, Railways, Uttar Pradesh

Group B: Saurashtra, Odisha, Delhi, Maharashtra, Assam, Vidarbha, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Jharkhand.

Group C: Hyderabad, Haryana,Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Tripura, Services, Goa, J&K, Andhra, Chhattisgarh.

Match Group Date Venue Time (IST)
Baroda vs Gujarat   A 6-Oct Jaipur 9:30
Madhya Pradesh vs Uttar Pradesh   A 6-Oct Bilaspur 9:30
Mumbai vs Tamil Nadu   A 6-Oct Rohtak 9:30
Punjab vs Railways   A 6-Oct Delhi 9:30
Assam vs Delhi   B 6-Oct Vadodara 9:30
Jharkhand vs Maharashtra   B 6-Oct Delhi 9:30
Odisha vs Vidarbha   B 6-Oct Visakhapatnam 9:30
 Rajasthan vs Saurashtra    B  6-Oct  Chennai  9:30
Andhra vs Himachal Pradesh   C 6-Oct Bhubaneswar 9:30
Chhattisgarh vs Tripura   C 6-Oct Ranchi 9:30
Goa vs Hyderabad   C 6-Oct Nagpur 9:30
Haryana vs Services   C 6-Oct Mumbai 9:30
Kerala vs Jammu & Kashmir   C 6-Oct Kalyani 9:30
Baroda vs Mumbai   A 13-Oct Delhi 9:30
Bengal vs Uttar Pradesh   A 13-Oct Jaipur 9:30
Madhya Pradesh vs Punjab   A 13-Oct Rohtak 9:30
Railways vs Tamil Nadu   A 13-Oct Bilaspur 9:30
Assam vs Rajasthan   B 13-Oct Visakhapatnam 9:30
Jharkhand vs Karnataka   B 13-Oct Chennai 9:30
Maharashtra vs Delhi   B 13-Oct Hyderabad 9:30
Odisha vs Saurashtra   B 13-Oct Kalyani 9:30
Andhra vs Chhattisgarh   C 13-Oct Kalyani 9:30
Goa vs Jammu & Kashmir   C 13-Oct Surat 9:30
Haryana vs Hyderabad   C 13-Oct Ranchi 9:30
Kerala vs Himachal Pradesh   C 13-Oct Kolkata 9:30
Services vs Tripura   C 13-Oct Guwahati 9:30
Bengal vs Punjab   A 20-Oct Bilaspur 9:30
Gujarat vs Railways   A 20-Oct Rohtak 9:30
Madhya Pradesh vs Mumbai   A 20-Oct Raipur 9:30
Tamil Nadu vs Uttar Pradesh   A 20-Oct Dharamsala 9:30
Assam vs Vidarbha   B 20-Oct Mumbai 9:30
Delhi vs Karnataka   B 20-Oct Kolkata 9:30
Jharkhand vs Rajasthan   B 20-Oct Vadodara 9:30
Maharashtra vs Saurashtra   B 20-Oct Vizianagaram 9:30
Andhra vs Jammu & Kashmir   C 20-Oct Mumbai 9:30
Chhattisgarh vs Haryana   C 20-Oct Guwahati 9:30
Goa vs Services   C 20-Oct Cuttack 9:30
Himachal Pradesh vs Tripura   C 20-Oct Kalyani 9:30
Hyderabad vs Kerala   C 20-Oct Bhubaneswar 9:30
Baroda vs Punjab   A 27-Oct Delhi 9:30
Bengal vs Railways   A 27-Oct Dharamsala 9:30
Gujarat vs Uttar Pradesh   A 27-Oct Delhi 9:30
Madhya Pradesh vs Tamil Nadu   A 27-Oct Cuttack 9:30
Assam vs Karnataka   B 27-Oct Mumbai 9:30
Delhi vs Odisha   B 27-Oct Chandigarh 9:30
Jharkhand vs Vidarbha   B 27-Oct Wayanad 9:30
Rajasthan vs Maharashtra   B 27-Oct Hyderabad 9:30
Andhra vs Haryana   C 27-Oct Mumbai 9:30
Chhattisgarh vs Kerala   C 27-Oct Ranchi 9:30
Goa vs Tripura   C 27-Oct Bhubaneswar 9:30
Himachal Pradesh vs Hyderabad   C 27-Oct Guwahati 9:30
Services vs Jammu & Kashmir   C 27-Oct Jaipur 9:30
Baroda vs Tamil Nadu   A 5-Nov Raipur 9:30
Bengal vs Gujarat   A 5-Nov Delhi 9:30
Mumbai vs Railways   A 5-Nov Mysore 9:30
Punjab vs Uttar Pradesh   A 5-Nov Hyderabad 9:30
Assam vs Saurashtra   B 5-Nov Kolkata 9:30
Delhi vs Jharkhand   B 5-Nov Thumba 9:30
Karnataka vs Vidarbha   B 5-Nov Vadodara 9:30
Rajasthan vs Odisha   B 5-Nov Patiala 9:30
Andhra vs Services   C 5-Nov Indore 9:30
Chhattisgarh vs Goa   C 5-Nov Cuttack 9:30
Himachal Pradesh vs Jammu & Kashmir   C 5-Nov Ranchi 9:30
Hyderabad vs Tripura   C 5-Nov Delhi 9:30
Kerala vs Haryana   C 5-Nov Jaipur 9:30
Baroda vs Railways   A 13-Nov Nagpur 9:30
Bengal vs Tamil Nadu   A 13-Nov Rajkot 9:30
Gujarat vs Madhya Pradesh   A 13-Nov Pune 9:30
Mumbai vs Uttar Pradesh   A 13-Nov Belagavi 9:30
Assam vs Odisha   B 13-Nov Delhi 9:30
Jharkhand vs Saurashtra   B 13-Nov Agartala 9:30
Karnataka vs Rajasthan   B 13-Nov Vizianagaram 9:30
Maharashtra vs Vidarbha   B 13-Nov Kolkata 9:30
Andhra vs Tripura   C 13-Nov Valsad 9:30
Chhattisgarh vs Himachal Pradesh   C 13-Nov Kanpur 9:30
Goa vs Kerala   C 13-Nov Mumbai 9:30
Haryana vs Jammu & Kashmir   C 13-Nov Cuttack 9:30
Hyderabad vs Services   C 13-Nov Delhi 9:30
Baroda vs Bengal   A 21-Nov Rohtak 9:30
Gujarat vs Mumbai   A 21-Nov Hubballi 9:30
Madhya Pradesh vs Railways   A 21-Nov Delhi 9:30
Punjab vs Tamil Nadu   A 21-Nov Nagpur 9:30
Assam vs Maharashtra   B 21-Nov Chennai 9:30
Delhi vs Rajasthan   B 21-Nov Wayanad 9:30
Karnataka vs Odisha   B 21-Nov Delhi 9:30
Saurashtra vs Vidarbha   B 21-Nov Delhi 9:30
Andhra vs Kerala   C 21-Nov Guwahati 9:30
Chhattisgarh vs Hyderabad   C 21-Nov Valsad 9:30
Goa vs Haryana   C 21-Nov Kanpur 9:30
Himachal Pradesh vs Services   C 21-Nov Surat 9:30
Jammu & Kashmir vs Tripura   C 21-Nov Mumbai 9:30
Baroda vs Madhya Pradesh   A 29-Nov Dharamsala 9:30
Bengal vs Mumbai   A 29-Nov Nagpur 9:30
Gujarat vs Punjab   A 29-Nov Mysore 9:30
Railways vs Uttar Pradesh   A 29-Nov Rajkot 9:30
Assam vs Jharkhand   B 29-Nov Vizianagaram 9:30
Delhi vs Vidarbha   B 29-Nov Chennai 9:30
Odisha vs Maharashtra   B 29-Nov Patiala 9:30
Andhra vs Goa   B 29-Nov Kochi 9:30
Andhra vs Goa   C 29-Nov Ranchi 9:30
Chhattisgarh vs Services   C 29-Nov Mumbai 9:30
Haryana vs Himachal Pradesh   C 29-Nov Valsad 9:30
Jammu & Kashmir vs Hyderabad   C 29-Nov Vadodara 9:30
Kerala vs Tripura   C 29-Nov Cuttack 9:30
Baroda vs Uttar Pradesh   A 7-Dec Pune 9:30
Bengal vs Madhya Pradesh   A 7-Dec Delhi 9:30
Gujarat vs Tamil Nadu   A 7-Dec Belagavi 9:30
Mumbai vs Punjab   A 7-Dec Rajkot 9:30
Delhi vs Saurashtra   B 7-Dec Mumbai 9:30
Jharkhand vs Odisha   B 7-Dec Chennai 9:30
Karnataka vs Maharashtra   B 7-Dec Chandigarh 9:30
Rajasthan vs Vidarbha   B 7-Dec Mumbai 9:30
Andhra vs Hyderabad   C 7-Dec Kanpur 9:30
Chhattisgarh vs Jammu & Kashmir   C 7-Dec Gwalior 9:30
Goa vs Himachal Pradesh   C 7-Dec Mumbai 9:30
Haryana vs Tripura   C 7-Dec Kolkata 9:30
Kerala vs Services   C 7-Dec Delhi 9:30
TBC vs TBC 1st Quarter-final 17-Dec
TBC vs TBC 2nd Quarter-final 17-Dec
TBC vs TBC 3rd Quarter-final 17-Dec
TBC vs TBC 4th Quarter-final 17-Dec
TBC vs TBC 1st Semi-final 27-Dec
TBC vs TBC 2nd Semi-final 27-Dec

The one-day competitions – Vijay Hazare Trophy (50 overs) and the newly-proposed inter-zonal T20 tournament for the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy – will be played after the completion of the Ranji Trophy.