New Delhi: Former India coach Ravi Shastri spoke at length about former India captain Virat Kohli’s captaincy with Shoaib Akhtar on his Youtube channel. While talking about captaincy both the former players believed that batters, in general, are defensive captains and are worried to keep grass on the track but Kohli was not like that. He will ask to keep some grass and not get rid of it.

“A batsman captain would want a batting track. Very rare, you will get a batting captain who will say, arre lagao udhar ( leave some grass). Lekin Virat karega, usko darr nehi hai (But Virat would do it, he is not afraid of grass on the wicket),” said Shastri.

Talking about his future, Shastri said that he will be involved with the game in some capacity or the other.

“I will take it very easy. To be honest, I still love the game and that is why you have been there for four decades. I will do commentary because I am passionate about it but I will choose the right kind of series here and there and I will still contribute at grassroot level if I can help youngsters, I will always be there to help. In fact at any level but grassroot level, I would still like to contribute from what I have learnt over the years and give it back to the younger generation. I will be involved in the game in all capacity.” added Shastri.

Asked on whether he would like to come back as a coach in the near future if required, Shastri feels that it might not be as a coach but he will always be there for the BCCI.

“Not coach because I think I have passed that period but I will definitely be there for the BCCI in any capacity to get things in order. I don’t think it will go there but you never know. It is a big game and if things don’t go right or are not managed properly it can nosedive. God willing it never comes but if it does come and if my services, my experience is required, like I have done over the 40 years, I will always be there,” revealed Shastri.