Ravichandran Ashwin feels India has a good pool of spinners for the future

Ravichandran Ashwin said that the current generation of cricketers in Tamil Nadu are a hungry lot and have the ability to bring glory to the state in domestic cricket © Getty Images

Chennai: Apr 3, 2013

Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin spoke about the future of India’s spin bowling and said that the talent pool of spinners is strong, contrary to the common belief.

“I think there are a lot of good spinners coming through. There are people who will come to you and tell that the domestic talent is good enough. The evidence for that is what Shikhar Dhawan did. He just came and blasted his way through. That really shows you what Indian first class cricket is. When someone from first class cricket is thrown into the Test arena and blasts his way out against and International Aussie side, isn’t that evidence enough to show what first class cricket holds? There are spinners around. I know a few of them personally. We just have to wait and watch,” he said in an interview on www.thecricketcouch.com

Asked about how the bowling unit goes about strategising before a match, Ashwin said, “With respect to bowling units, we sit together and watch in team meetings what other teams’ batsmen’s strengths are, then you analyse that. The coaches, bowlers and senior players have their opinions on every player. It is an individual’s responsibility to take it from there and work on it and devise a game plan. You have to be clear on what you want to execute.”

Talking about his Ranji team Tamil Nadu and if complacency has been the reason for the lack of players from that team making it to the Indian side, he said, “It[complacency] could be. The current generation is a real hungry lot. I am sure they will put in the efforts to achieve more. They are going to bring glory to the state. It is all about the mind set. If someone is going to get complacent after getting into the international level and playing for the country, it is not great sign. If that can happen at domestic level, I don’t know what the requirement of wearing the team colours is.”

Ashwin also answered question about coping up with the celebrity status in a country like India.
“To a large extent, privacy gets affected. I somehow like to live the same life as before. It hasn’t changed much. I still go to the corner shop and eat chat or soup.  Those kinds of things get affected. Those are small things that make a big difference in life. And there are a lot of other aspects too, that I have retained. I’m still enjoying life. I don’t think it is impossible to live the way you lived before you achieved celebrity status. I can still live the same way. Again, it is my opinion.”