India cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin questioned PM Narendra Modi’s #9pm9min initiative on Sunday after citizens, who were asked to light diyas from inside their house or flash mobile camera lights, took to the streets and burst firecrackers during the lockdown.

Baffled by the sale of firecrackers, Ashwin asked who is selling it. “But I really do wonder where all these people bought their crackers from and of course ( when is the most important Q) !!” he tweeted.

From changing his Twitter username to asking fans to stay indoors, Ashwin has been doing a lot to spread awareness among the citizens during the testing times.

Other Indian cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Suresh Raina among others have all donated towards the relief funds to help the needy.

“My family & I thank the selfless #SanitationWarriors cleaning our surroundings & hospitals, disinfecting affected areas & thus keeping the virus at bay. Let’s also reignite our pledge to take care of our elders, the most vulnerable by ensuring their physical & mental wellness,” Sachin Tendulkar tweeted.

In India, the number of coronavirus positive cases are on the rise and has crossed the 4000-mark.

The deadly virus has led to the Olympics getting pushed back by a year. The Indian Premier League (IPL) also got postponed and in all likelihood could be called off.