RCA secretary's sacking challenged in High Court

Suspension of Sanjay Dixit by RCA President CP Joshi(in the picture) has been termed illegal by RCA chairman Mahesh Joshi

Jaipur: Aug 3, 2011

The power struggle in the Rajasthan Cricket Association seemed to be far from over with a district unit challenging the suspension of Sanjay Dixit from the post of secretary by RCA President C P Joshi’s faction at the High Court.

Dixit’s suspension by C P Joshi’s faction at an Emergency General Body Meeting in Udaipur last week was challenged at the High Court by Sri Ganganagar Association.

Sources said that RCA Chairman Mahesh Joshi is also not happy with the suspension of Dixit even after deciding to bury the hatchet with President Joshi at the intervention of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday.

“The battle is far from over. The C P Joshi faction does not have a clear majority because the numbers at Udaipur also had few district officials who did not have the voting right.

Moreover Mahesh Joshi did not utter a word regarding Dixit’s suspension so the battle is from over and the RCA might have some surprises in store,” a source said.

Dixit queered the pitch today by declaring that the recognition given by the C P Joshi faction at Udaipur to a rival body in Nagaur of which Lalit Modi is the president (along with other rival bodies in Ganganagar and Jalore) was totally illegal and without jurisdiction.

“Recognition of rival body of Nagaur is like granting sanctity to Modi who is a fugitive and facing many a serious charges. Likewise his lawyer Mehmood Abdi is former Secretary of Sriganganagar Association and reinstating him is not in good taste,” he said.

“We welcome the stand of Dr C P Joshi that he is ready to accept the nomination of Dr Mahesh Joshi as Chairman of RCA as having been validly passed by the majority of EC. However, we are intrigued by the fact that nothing has been said about the other decisions taken by the EC in the very meetings where Dr Joshi’s appointment has been proposed and confirmed; the second one after an unauthorized assembly had declared his nomination invalid. All EC decisions have been validly taken and are in currency today,” said Dixit.

He termed the Udaipur Emergency Meeting called by C P Joshi as unauthorised.

“Other than this, at least three other participants (at Udaipur) had Court orders against them; Alwar’s election had been quashed by the High Court. Bikaner Secretary has been under suspension by their own unit for over a month and representation of two others is doubtful. If it is on the basis of this manufactured majority, we are expected to accept decisions of this unauthorized assembly. With deepest regret, we are unable to do so,” Dixit said.

“It was stated by the President C P Joshi that he did it in consonance with a High Court Order. Nothing can be farther from truth. This rival body of Nagaur had been denied participation by the Hon’ble High Court and there was another stay operating against this body and RCA, specifically restraining RCA from recognizing this body. We have already received contempt notice in this respect.”

Condemning the vituperative attack by Lakhshya Raj Singh against Mahesh Joshi, Dixit threatened legal action against him.