Mumbai: Virat Kohli was gutted and he ensured he showed how he felt after he was adjudicated leg-before wicket by the third umpire against Mumbai Indians on Saturday. Kohli was on 48 and would have liked to have carried his bat through and remain unbeaten, but as luck would have it – Dewald Brevis dismissed him with his first ball in IPL. Not that Kohli’s dismissal affected the end result of the match as RCB won the game, but it must have left a little scar.

RCB has now come out with the rulebook. They have taken to Twitter with the rules of the MCC and what the law states in such scenarios. It says that in a case of ball striking the pad and bat simultaneously, it would be considered bat first. Law number 36.2.2 of the MCC states: “If the ball makes contact with the striker’s person and bat simultaneously, this shall be considered as the ball having first touched the bat.”

“We were just reading through the MCC Laws of Cricket for LBW decisions, and here’s what we found. Unfortunate that Virat Kohli had to walk back disappointed after a brilliant knock,” RCB wrote in their tweet.