Replays to call front-foot no ball to be trialled in India: Report
Third umpire will relay decision to his on-field counterpart (ICC Photo)

The International Cricket Council (ICC) in its recently concluded board meeting in London has given its approval for the usage of technology to spot front-foot no balls.

Replays will be used to instantly spot whether a bowler has overstepped or not with the third umpire constantly keeping a close eye on each delivery.

The decision was reportedly taken after a BCCI request and it will be trialled for the first time in India, during its domestic season and could be extended to international matches to be hosted by the country.

“The ICC will do the trials and some of the trials will also take place in India,” an ICC official was quoted as saying by the Mumbai Mirror.

Controversy erupted over front-foot no-ball during the Indian Premier League earlier this year. During a league match between Mumbai Indians Royal Challengers Bangalore, the on-field umpire failed to spot Lasith Malinga overstepping on what was to be the final delivery of the match and it proved decisive.

RCB ended up at the wrong end of the decision with their captain Virat Kohli blasting the error during a post-match presentation.

The reason why ICC has been hesitant to use the technology is because of the high cost involved which reportedly runs in tens of thousands of dollars for a day. This was considered too much as no-balls make up mere 0.5 percent of the deliveries.

If implemented, the third umpire will be constantly involved in a game keeping his eye on each delivery. The moment a bowler oversteps, the decision will be relayed to the on-field umpire.