Rewarding to dismiss Rahul Dravid twice, says Ben Hilfenhaus

Australian pacer Ben Hilfenhaus believes bowling in partnership has been key to Australia’s success in the ongoing Test series Getty Images

Perth: Jan 13, 2012

The prized wicket of Sachin Tendulkar might have eluded him so far in the series, but Australian speedster Ben Hilfenhaus says “so long as somebody gets him” he is happy.

The Tasmanian, however, rejoices his success against Rahul Dravid. He has managed to get past the defences of ‘The Wall’ of the famed Indian batting line-up on couple of occasions.

But Hilfenhaus insisted that individual achievements are secondary to the team’s aim to get 20 wickets.

“They’re pretty solid players, so to get through there is pretty rewarding and I guess our plans are to keep doing what we are doing and it pays off in the end,” Hilfenhaus said.

The 28-year-old, who is the highest wicket-taker in the series so far, feels that if you believe in your skills and persist with your art, you are bound to get success.

“The old saying is, if you keep doing it long enough you will get the rewards,” Hilfenhaus told the ‘Australian’.

“My role is, if I am not taking wickets I have still got to be contributing, to be building pressure from one end or whatever it might be.

“You have still got to find a way to be in the game and help the team out, so it’s nice to be taking wickets, but there are days when you bowl in partnerships that blokes at the other end get the wickets — that’s the way we base our attack and we are very happy whoever gets the wickets so long as we get 20 wickets every Test,” he added.

Hilfenhaus lost his place in the national team after a poor run against England during the last year’s Ashes, where he could take just seven wickets from four Tests, but he refused to get bogged down.

“It’s good to be winning, isn’t it?” he quipped when asked about the difference between this summer and last.

“Obviously I had a few technical things last year, which was affecting the way I was performing, so it’s pretty satisfying to get on top of them and see some improvement,” said the bowler.

Keeping in mind the speed limitations in respect of what his fellow speedsters can spew, Hilfenhaus is happy to be the workhorse of his country.

“That’s something I have done for years and it is a role I enjoy. If that’s my role, I just want to do it the best I can for the team,” he said.