India cricketers Rishabh Pant and Yuzvendra Chahal who are making the most of the 21-day lockdown by upping their social media game, on Friday, the two cricketers got into a light banter while former English cricketer was having a candid Instagram Live chat with India skipper Virat Kohli, who said, he was staying indoors in a farm.

During their Live, Pant wanted to enter the conversation to which he did not get any attention and instantly got mocked by Chahal.

Chahal commented, “Hi Rishab how are u bro our unique comment ignored by 2 legends so we both talk to each other.”

Pant then asked Kohli to at least see and tell him hi but there was still no response from Kohli or Pietersen. Pant said, “Virat sir hie toh bol” Chahal then replied, “Pant le Bhai hi hi and hi.” Pant continued to seek Kohli and Pietersen’s attention though, asking them to take his name. Chahal then commented on the glass that Pietersen was holding, “Oh bhai beer glass mein water Kp sir you are a legend”

This is not the first time, Pant has looked to barge into a chat, he had done it while Mumbai Indians cricketers Rohit Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah were having a candid chat.

Meanwhile, most of the cricketers are stepping forward and donating and staying indoors, also spreading awareness among the citizens about the deadly virus.