Rohit Sharma destroyed the Sri Lankan bowling attack in Mohali when he recorded his third double-hundred. Mohamed Nilam, a Sri Lankan cricket fan, rejoiced his innings, also revealing how Rohit helped him during trouble.

Nilam has seen every match that Sri Lanka plays in, be it home and away. He had travelled to India for the series and arranged his booking accordingly. To his misfortune, his father s health deteriorated, needing an emergency surgery for throat cancer.

Nilam did not have means to book a return ticket in a short notice. Sudhir Kumar, Sachin Tendulkar s biggest fan, took the case to Rohit asking for help. It was during the final Test between the India and Sri Lanka when Rohit helped him with a ticket to Colombo.

I m very thankful to Rohit Sharma

I m very thankful to Rohit Sharma for his help. He is a very nice man and has a good heart. I was very happy when he scored 208 in the second match, Nilam told

Virat Kohli, who was in Italy for his wedding, also texted Nilam asking if he needed any help.

Virat also messaged me and asked about my father s health. He said if you need any help, tell me , said Nilam according to a report published in Indian Express.