With all the buzz surrounding Rohit Sharma ahead of the India versus Australia series, it is now believed that nobody actually knows why he headed to the National Cricket Academy (NCA) when he was scheduled to travel to Australia with the squad after the IPL final on November 12. The BCCI official also accused that the Mumbai Indians captain decided not to board the flight all by himself and in the process dented the team’s preparations ahead of the full-fledged two-month-long tour.

“Rohit Sharma was expected to board the flight with the rest of the team on November 12. But he chose not to and instead headed to the National Cricket Academy. Nobody in the BCCI knows who asked Rohit to head to the NCA Whatever the confusion, it has dented the team’s preparations,” BCCI source to Sportskeeda.

Adding further, he claimed it was understood Rohit was not going to fly as he would first have to serve a 14-day quarantine on landing in Australia – so when would he have been available as his fitness test at the NCA was scheduled for December 11.

“The problem is that there’s a 14-day mandatory state quarantine in Australia. Even if he is allowed to travel on the 12th, how will he fly? There are no commercial flights. And even if he manages to fly, he has to undergo the two-week solitary quarantine. When will he be available, subject to fitness We all knew he was never going to fly,” the source added.

The management has not yet confirmed who will replace Rohit, but reports suggest that Shreyas Iyer has been asked to stay back after the limited-overs series.